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8th November 10, 12:31 AM
This is dedicated to Cullion and syberia. Cullion because he constantly taunts me and is going to get his. sybs - your story hit way too close to home :P and jim's rule of 'no erotica' has obviously got me only thinking in that direction but I've reined it in. There's a theme of violence and control in my stories; nothing to do with me as a person. 988 words. Don't judge me:

Declan swung the bright blue door open to be greeted by the sight of an hourglass figure, clad in a form fitting jacket and skirt, legs crossed as she bent over the table immersed in signing off the attendance log. Sheer stockings encased her legs, travelling all the way down to meet a surprisingly out of place pair of emerald green heels. His lips pursed a smile as he faked a small cough to get her attention.

Ms. Crowe turned abruptly at the disruption; her mental organizer telling her this was the parent of one of her new students, late for his parent-teacher meeting. She pushed her glasses up and smoothed her jacket as she strode forward, hand outstretched to greet him. “Mr. Green, glad you could make it”, her classroom voice flowed effortlessly through the space between them, confident and strong.

He stood there silently taking her in, shiny auburn hair swinging at her shoulders, a lock falling over her glasses and hiding her moss green eyes before she threw her head back and came towards him, precise and formal. He’d always enjoyed taking women like her down a notch or two for his entertainment and to make it clear, subtly, that he liked being in charge. He didn’t move and waited till she marched the length of the floor to suddenly take a step forward as she reached him, throwing her off stride and making it necessary for her to grab his shoulder for support.

Okay, what was happening here? She was supposed to be in control, the authority figure to speak to this particular parent about his gifted son and how he could be more engaged as a parent in his child’s at-home education. But no…she was nearly flush against his hard body, her inertia not giving her time to stop as he stepped in. She pushed herself away and reoffered her hand which he grasped and shook once, then slid his fingers further up her wrist before pulling them back slowly. His calloused hands felt so good, instinctively telling her he was more than just a ‘suit’. She turned her back and waved him to follow her to one of the children’s desks. Her serpentine figure made him cock his head in appreciation.

Sliding a chair out for her he ‘accidently’ brushed the nape of her neck but did not acknowledge the stiffening of her spine as he nonchalantly seated himself beside her. Too close, smelling of the cigar he’d had at lunch to celebrate a promotion to partner at the law firm. “How much does the school need?” he gruffly asked.

She briefly considered. It was not the first time a parent had tried to buy their way into her or any of the staff’s good books. “This is not about money Mr. Green. I wanted to speak about your son Charlie and his need for you to be more present and available at home.” She stopped him with her hand. “Yes, yes he’s gifted and miles ahead of his classmates. We’ve got him on the program but he’s not quite emotionally developed to skip a grade yet and we believe that if we, the school and you work together this semester we’ll convince the school board to let him go straight in with the seniors next year.”

“Call me Dec” he told her bluntly, as if he’d heard nothing she’d said. He noticed her buttons straining at her bosom, a peek of satin green ribbon showing him just why she was wearing those heels. “Do the panties match?” he wiggled his fair eyebrows at her.

“Mr. Green!” she exclaimed in disgust as she tried to meet his roving eyes. She stood up and slammed the table, sending its skimpy legs skittering towards him. “This is about your son’s future, and I will not have you putting into question my professional integrity nor objectify me!” Her lovely face flushed prettily as she stood over him.

The lawyer, no, partner at Steinhauer, Walton & Green laughed in her face. Rocking himself back in his chair in delight. A bad schoolboy, taunting his superior. She couldn’t take it and with a push sent him flying back out of his chair and onto the cold concrete floor. His head lolled to the side as it took the brunt of the fall.

“Dad!” his beautiful boy flew into his arms. “Where have you been?”

“Oh just late at work Chuck” he answered brusquely then wrapped his arm around his boy’s shoulder and squeezed. “Go get ready and we’ll go down to the pier for some Greek food” you say as you send him off toward the house, trying not to wince too hard at the fresh welt under your shirt.

The last two hours he tried to make sense of, he’d woken up bound with his tie and her stockings and gagged in the same classroom to be confronted by that hellcat Ms. Crowe. She’d blackmailed him with photos of her putting him into compromising positions. How in the hell that woman had moved him he didn’t care to know once the long wooden ruler had come down on his back. The repeated cracking on his flesh while she threatened to end his career unless he did the right thing by his son; he soon caved in. He’d woken up to her on her hands and knees on the floor, sans glasses or any clothes at all except for that satin green lingerie, waiting for the timer to flash in front of them. The conniving little cat. She’d hurt him a little but not scared him - though he played otherwise. All in all, he was now more invested in his son’s education which was a win-win, he shrugged as he leaned on the bonnet of his Jag and rubbed his hand across his chin.

Oh, and she wanted him to come back for detention next Thursday afternoon.

8th November 10, 01:07 AM
Not erotica...?

Damn girl.

8th November 10, 01:09 AM
It's about parenting and the education system!

8th November 10, 01:10 AM
No wonder Cullion fantasizes about your "education"...

8th November 10, 01:15 AM
It's 100% fiction.

You get cracking and give us another story.

8th November 10, 01:25 AM
I have a sculpture, 2 drawings, 2 animations, a research presentation, and an essay exam due in two weeks and I just finished 7 pieces for my BFA review. I was up for 5 days for that. I took the weekend to sleep but suffice to say that I am on creative burnout mode right now.

Maybe by the end of the month I'll get something else out for ya.

8th November 10, 01:29 AM
Rest up. I read that monster post about your course requirements. You've got to be pretty passionate about your art to put so much of yourself into it.

8th November 10, 01:39 AM
Haha. NoB, you've got an incredible talent you don't share enough with us.

Can you please write a story this month, I'd be thrilled. We could co-write that book and put your wife's name on it. Would sell like hot cakes ;)

8th November 10, 03:21 AM
I never pictured you in green undies before Lily.

8th November 10, 03:55 AM
Cull - the characters are fictional :) But I hope you learned something
new. Also, when are you going to blind us with your brilliant prose?


http://img001.lazygirls.info/people/suelyn_medeiros/suelyn_medeiros_perfect_ass_in_a_green_bra_panties _OSKBcAk.sized.jpg

8th November 10, 05:18 AM
No erotica, sure... :-P

Good one.

Lils, did you know I actually have a teachers diploma, although I never had a job as a teacher?

8th November 10, 05:27 AM
Ooh, interesting fact. Going to tell us more about why you have the Diploma and what you're qualified to teach?

p.s. - the 'no erotica' rule wasn't broken as per my definition. Plus given we're writing fiction, you can't rip out a big part of what makes people tick.

8th November 10, 05:45 AM
I'm an elementary grade biology teacher.

Around here, teaching means living off of thin air plus I prefer children of more or less than two legged species in general.

8th November 10, 11:07 AM
the 'no erotica' rule wasn't broken as per my definition. Plus given we're writing fiction, you can't rip out a big part of what makes people tick.

So are you saying you're ALWAYS this hot and bothered?

Is your husband taking care of your needs?

8th November 10, 12:37 PM
Hot damn, I bet you wear the pants dont'cha? Mr. Lily into that sort of thing, eh?

8th November 10, 04:00 PM

All just fictional, why do you two read more into it? resolve, my other two stories aren't 'erotica'.

8th November 10, 09:18 PM
haha i'm mostly just trollin, but if you write about something like that, you've probably fantasized about it at least once. I mean that was pretty detailed :3

9th November 10, 03:44 AM
... if you write about something like that, I've probably fantasized about it at least once...
Fixed that for ya.

9th November 10, 03:49 AM
My saviour!

nas - baby, i'm a decade older than you. It's pointless for me to even contemplate your query... ;)

9th November 10, 03:59 AM
Cute story, watch your adverbs.