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7th November 10, 06:40 AM
Sorry about using your name, Lily, this character is in no way a representation of you.

This was written last year in response to a competition-promt: Writers Block. I never actually entered it. I hope that's okay.
I dont generally do short stories, so feel free to offer feedback. It’s be great to get some, actually.


Lily’s fingers hovered over the keyboard, waiting for her brain to supply her with something to tap into the computer. She waited for a second.
Then another.
And another.
After about a minute she gave up, clicking the mouse onto her music player and selecting a play list from the drop down menu. Angry metal music played through the speakers, filling the room with an addictive beat and a blood lusty vibe. Lily popped the word processor up again and read the last two sentences of her chapter.

‘Ryan could only stare from the ground as his enemy picked his sword up from the dust and walked towards him. He could only pray and shake with knowing as the man above him moved in to end his life.’

Lily sighed. She couldn’t very well kill off her main character before his fated reunion with his beloved. She tapped her foot, searching for a way out, a miraculous saviour, anything to stop the bad guy getting his way. She closed her eyes and let the music wash over her. Let her mind go blank and visually plot through her scene. Nothing came. It stopped dead with her antagonist raising his ugly weapon.
She gave it a good ten minutes before she shut the lid of the laptop. When nothing would come, the writer figured, nothing would come. Stories can’t be forced. She grabbed a coat and her keys.
She was late for class anyway.

The lecture hall was full of bustle. Lily frowned. Could you really put it that way? Probably not. She shook her head and scribbled out the line on her pad. It was full of ink and time. It looked like it had been dropped in various puddles and gone through several sandstorms. She took this pad everywhere, in case of strikes of brilliance in the middle of physics lectures or a lucky line, fallen over mid-experiment in the chemistry lab. She often absently recorded the dialogue of her friends.
“Looking down today, Lils.” Samantha commented as she sat down. Her blonde hair tied in pig-tails today, curling down her back.
“Writers block.” Lily responded, shutting the spiral note pad. Samantha looked sympathetic.
“Oh well, nothing like a bit of Physics for writers block.” She said jokingly. “Who’s dying now?”
“Ryan, how did you know?” Lily was surprised.
“You always have writers block before you kill someone off.” Samantha explained while she checked her lip gloss in her reflective sunglasses. “Or you’re going to add in a sex scene.” She added, as an afterthought. She smiled hopefully. Lily ignored her friends’ affinity for smut.
“Thanks…” Lily sighed. “I can’t kill him off, he’s my main character.”
“Yeah. That would end things pretty sharp-ish.” Samantha said, organizing her pens from darkest to lightest. Lily smiled, pulling out her own notebooks.
“You think?” She prompted, maybe Samantha could give her an idea.
“Yeah,” Samantha concluded after a moment, “can’t really kill him.”
“A lot of help you are, Sam.” Lily muttered, putting her head on her arms. She considered sleeping through the lecture. She’d been up most of the night, in a groove with the action scene.
“Oi!” Samantha said in annoyance. “It’s Samantha, Sa - man - tha! My mother didn’t give me three syllables so you lazy buggers could chuck two out the window.” Lily grunted in reply, she’d heard it a million times before.
“You gonna sleep through this one too?” Samantha enquired, apparently recovered from her annoyance.
Lily grunted.
“You’re really eloquent for a writer, you know?”
Another grunt, with a shrug.
“Lily, you’re not going to sleep through this one too, are you?” A male voice said from in front of them. Lily lifted her head to see who it was. She went red.
“Leave her be Ryan…” Samantha leant forward to whisper. “She’s got writers block!” As if it were a contagious disease. Ryan laughed. Lily frowned at her friend.
“Shut up, Sam.” Lily shot. Samantha muttered swear words as she ducked her head, possibly to plot fearsome revenge.
“Writers block? Lily, I didn’t know you wrote.” Ryan said, he sat the row in front, twisting around to talk to her. Lily planned her reply, she didn’t particularly want to sound like an idiot.
“Just for fun.” She said with what she hoped was the proper amount of self conscious embarrassment.
“I see, so what’s the block about?” He smiled, seemingly interested. Lily wondered if he actually was or if he was just making conversation. She wasn’t sure which she preferred.
“My main character is seconds away from a nasty and possibly gruesome death and I haven’t quite figured out the mechanics of his escape…” She explained.

Hmm, Ryan has nice hair, she noted to herself.
“I see… No friends around to come to the rescue?” Ryan prompted. Lily cocked her head in thought.
“Ooh, she’s thinking.” Samantha narrated, seeing Lilys’ thinking face. Lily ignored her.
“Not really.” She answered Ryan. “He’s in the middle of rescuing his beloved damsel, who’s kinda in distress.”
“Kinda?” Samantha commented. Once again going unnoticed by the others.
“Why doesn’t the damsel come to the rescue?” Ryan asked. “That’d be a bit ironic, going to save the damsel in distress… kinda… and being saved by the damsel from impending doom.” Ryan smiled, looking like a five year old who wanted to be helpful.
Lily blinked.
And blinked again.
And once more for effect. She really hoped that she’d left some time between those blinks or she’d look really idiotic.
“That’s brilliant.” She said in genuine surprise. Why hadn’t she thought of that? It was really obvious…
“You don’t have to sound so surprised…” Ryan said, taking it the wrong way.
“Sorry.” Lily muttered automatically, and like that the black wall was gone, the scene played out in her head in full colour. She blushed.

Lily cocked her head, thinking. Samantha didn’t have the time to comment on this before Lily pushed the contents of her desk into her satchel.
“Woah, girl.” Samantha shouted as Lily ran past her toward the exit. She narrowly avoided ploughing into the last students filing into the theatre.
“Miss Powell, while I’m glad you’re awake for once, aren’t you going the wro…” Lily rushed past the professor before he could finish his question.
“Sorry!” She shouted as the left the room, the eyes of every physics student present following her in surprise.
Samantha shook her head and looked at Ryan.
“I knew it.” She said smugly. “Smut.”

7th November 10, 07:09 AM
I like it how you describe physical stuff happening.
fingers over keyboard, grunting etc.
it has a clear lesbian underlying theme, not sure if you're aware of that.
you should def. write a pron story sometime.

7th November 10, 07:10 AM
Lol, nice try. No pron for you.

Thanks, tho.

7th November 10, 07:14 AM
no i'm not asking for pron, im just suggesting it.
you do realise im an official judge of the short story contest, right?

7th November 10, 07:20 AM
What does that have to do with your suggestion or my response?

7th November 10, 07:27 AM
well im the judge..and you wanna win this contest...right?

7th November 10, 07:41 AM
I'm pretty disinterested about winning, actually.

7th November 10, 07:42 AM

Fairy XXXmas
7th November 10, 11:09 AM
Lebell's lying about being a judge, too.

7th November 10, 11:24 AM
One can only hope

7th November 10, 05:15 PM
sybs - I laughed a bit at the story. Why didn't you just enter it in the competition?! When you say you don't generally write short stories what do you mean exactly?

7th November 10, 05:27 PM
Why didn't you just enter it in the competition?!

Dunno. Just never got around to it.

When you say you don't generally write short stories what do you mean exactly?

As in: I generally write full length fiction. Or try to, at any rate.

7th November 10, 05:33 PM
That's awesome. You've got to share some day. I've never come close to writing anything beyond short stories and even then recognise my limitations and lack of application.

7th November 10, 07:55 PM
This is actually pretty good. I like the twist with Lily and Samantha; how Samantha is always (well it's implied) egging Lily on about the smut writing and then Lily finishes her story (implied again) with it. It was a nice touch about Lily's embarrasing blush too because that really sold that moment.

Also, sigged your intro.

7th November 10, 08:08 PM
Thank you.