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4th November 10, 09:37 PM
Quick synopsis: this is the chapter of a background story I was writing to explain why my character did and chose certain things in the roleplaying game "EverQuest". She was a "drakkin" which is a human that's been transmogrified by dragon's blood in the game. Her dragon was Atathus the Red Lord, who was all about representing war and fighting. It was said the dragons would often present mortals with a "gift" to choose or not but the dragons with less patience and moral scruples simply took whoever they wanted. It's only the first chapter and it ends with a cliffhanger but I really don't feel like writing the rest of the story and I haven't played EverQuest for a while so things are all a bit rusty regarding the story. Regardless, this is the only way it's ever going to get shared with other people so might as well give it a go.


Wake up! Wake up!

It was more than a voice: the pounding inside the mature woman's head. Every part of her ached right down to the bones. Yet her blood felt like it was pulsing, dancing with fire. The liquid was surging along with the beat of the pounding in her skull.. calling her to awaken, to open the now serpentine green eyes that belonged to her... that were part of her.

"Awake! You are mine now! Your blood is now mine! Understand?"

This time it was a real voice, and not a kind one either. It was followed quickly by one painful slap that echoed the pounding blood in her skull, hitting right with the beat onto her left cheek, from a hand that looked none too gentle. Even though the slap was probably mild for the man who gave it and was now standing over her It had stung like a hot, sand-ridden desert wind. The only features she could readily make out of her assailant with those new eyes of hers, narrowing to slits in the new daylight, was the silhouette of a darkened yet fiery red hair atop a lean sinewy figure, the kind with musculature that belies a terrible hidden strength.

"Karesi. Yes, I think that will be your name. You probably have all sorts of questions." the man said as he dropped down into a crouching position with his forearms draped over his knees in a curious expression to get a better look at her as she quickly, and rightly so, felt a sudden rush of fear. She scooted away on the ground, in too much pain to pick herself up. She tried to take more of her persecutor in as she backed away, glancing at his attire: a simple set of jacket and pants in the style of a simple peasant worker. "Peasant worker?" she thought to herself as she desperately tried to remember how she could know such a phrase and why she knew to use it now. However, the clothes still caught her eye. There was something not right about the way they looked, the way they fit on him. "It's the color." again thinking to herself she noted the pure white of his garments and the red trim all along the edges... "No farmer could afford such a material."

As if the man could read her thoughts he grabbed her arm by the wrist as she continued to attempt to squirm away, saying to her in a rising timbre: "I am your creator!" His fingers seemed to grow and stretch as they clutched down on her wrist mercilessly. It wasn't just the transmogrification the man's hand was seeming to undertake that unnerved her now, but her own skin. Her eyes were adapting to the light now and she could sense that her skin was no longer anything close to feeling normal. In place of the polished smooth but aging skin she was certain that she knew was hers before there was a series, a repeating pattern, of the softest skin-tone scales covering her entire arm, and as she guessed correctly, the rest of her as well. Annoyed with her seeming unresponsiveness to his claims the man jerked her forward shouting "Look at me!" As her gaze met his in response, aside from the widening, far-too-toothy mouth set in a powerfully strong jaw grinning at her as he now had her full attention, she noticed nothing else but those eyes. Yellow, glowing, deep, terrifying eyes. She hated them. She hated she couldn't stop looking at them.

"If you can't recognize it on your own, you will know it now." the man bellowed as his hand continued to tighten around her forearm as she continued to try to free herself from his steely grip. Small streams of glowing blood appeared to drain from the pores of his hand and pooled onto her arm. Burning! Fire! Searing scorching pain! Burning! This was all she could feel as she watched in horror as his blood mingled with her arm and began to form spiraling organic designs setting blood-red tattoos into her newly scaled skin. Tattoos of power, and of ownership, began to crawl up and down her arm from where he was holding her. She could feel her body stretch and distort to their dance. She desperately wanted nothing but for it to stop. But they wouldn't stop. They spread further as she began to scream out; spead further off of her shoulder, onto her neck and chest, her belly, her back, her head, and then... a falling darkness, a murmuring. But before the encroaching silence she swore to herself she saw the man stand up, turn around, and what appeared to be wings suddenly sprout from his back as he changed even further, growing impossibly large before her darkening vision and hearing what sounded like a rumbling distorted growl say "Go home, I trust you'll at least understand that." Her eyelids fell and thus the sweet release of unconsciousness unchained her from her torment. As her body passed the last few inches to meet the ground the small piece of jewelry she had clasped in her hand, a silver bracelet with a family crest and a short name engraving, broke its fine chain in her grip and became lost to the dust around her; the now obscured letters “SER” along with it.

5th November 10, 12:00 AM
Not bad, not bad. I am not a fan of 3rd person omniscient, other than that I like it haha

5th November 10, 01:20 PM
you should feel very very ashamed resolve.
you have found a more emberassing fanoutlet than star trek fanfiction...

5th November 10, 01:54 PM
Yup. This story only exists here, and only lives for your amusement.

By the by... when's your WoW character backstory coming out Luball?

5th November 10, 02:15 PM
my wow character doesnt have a backstory you moron.
i can do things in...GASP...moderation.
thats probably an alien concept for your weak american mind.

5th November 10, 02:28 PM
You assume quite alot. In fact I was always considered "behind" in the game because I simply played the game as a sandbox style game and did what I wanted and let the story take me where it took me. It didn't take very much time at all... hence not as much XP'ing, and for me alot more enjoyment. I even lead a guild of similar minded people for quite some time... and that took less time then I spend on Sociocide (and you spend alot more time here than most).

What's the point of playing a roleplaying game if you don't... roleplay? Especially an MMORPG!

Do you just like mindless grinding and getting a better +1 item to kill tougher monsters to get a better +1 item? Don't you have better things to do with your time?

The story is all that matters in those types of games. The gameplay is often clunky and quite awful. I can't play an RPG if I don't get carried away by the story and atmosphere unless somehow they pull off a gameplay miracle.

5th November 10, 02:38 PM
again your autistic personality misses the social aspect of mmo.
my predatory nature loves to mindfuck dungeon or raid groups.
if a level 10 n00b needs a ride to a trainingzone ill give him a ride on my 2 personmount....only to drop him off at a level 45 area where he gets stuck after being killed.

who gives a fuck bout the story dude.

5th November 10, 02:46 PM
You really should have played Tribes 2. The community there would've loved you if you were into that kind of harassment griefing gameplay stuff. It's a ghost town now, but if you ever want to play the wildest shooter ever made I made a Geekdom forum thread on how to connect to a new master server with a semi-populated bunch of servers since the one run by Vivendi was shut down. I think you'd really dig it if you can get a nice connection to the servers from the Netherlands.

I personally think you play WoW because you are addicted to butthurt drama. Amirite?

5th November 10, 03:12 PM
Roleplaying can also suit your style too Luball.

One of my characters was a backstabbing traitorous Ice Mage who would go out of his way to kill his friends in the most hilarious ways possible.

I found so many exploits with this character... but nothing will come close to the time I summoned a Half Elf ranger chick (actually was a chick, I got sent some awful renn-fair pics to my email :-/) from across the zone she was fleeing from and bound her soul underwater underneath a rock so she couldn't move and every time she'd run out of breath and die she'd respawn in the exact same location to repeat her fate. After I had my fun I got her out and got her some levels back... then moved on to my next victim, who I summoned in mid-air while I was levitating high off the ground after I had given him a ton of money and made his character really heavy. He ended up falling for 200,000 damage (the hp cap at the time was around 15k hp..). Then the next. Then the next... I ended up killing half of the Test server when I was done playing that character. :).

5th November 10, 03:13 PM
no i play wow for relaxation.
i got mah homeys who are i think online 24/7 and i hook up with them to do some special achievements or whatever.
sometimes i just ride arround enjoying the landscapes.

5th November 10, 03:47 PM
You get your explorer title? That's the only thing I wanted.

5th November 10, 04:04 PM
yes, explorer, the patient, kingslayer

7th November 10, 08:00 AM
Pretty neat stuff, resolve. Makes me want to hunt for a certain CD... nah.

7th November 10, 08:37 AM
Pray tell, what CD? I am curious as to whether you are an old school RPG fan.

I am currently writing my entry for this contest, loosely based in a homebrew D&D universe that my friends created which turned out to be pretty damn awesome.

7th November 10, 08:44 AM
A CD full of my old writing. I am an old RPer, but this is resolve's thread. I doubt any of my stuff would work here.

7th November 10, 10:20 AM
Well, stay tuned for my own story if you fancy his, it will be similarly fantasy-ish. :3

7th November 10, 04:17 PM
Resolve, I like fantasy, but you can't cut it off like this... This was a nice but too short trailer, now go on and make the movie!