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Angry Mandrill
3rd November 10, 02:51 PM

Todd walked out of the gate into the airport. Fucking Arizona. He hated Arizona. He left it 20 years before in disgust. The heat, the hippies, the dust, the heat. Hated it. What the fuck am I doing here? he asked himself, under his breath. Ah yes, to visit his kids. Kids? His Ďkidsí were adults, and Todd hadnít seen them, or talked to them, really, for the last 15 years. Their bitch of a mother left him in Arizona and move them Ė still babies, really Ė to Canada. He had tried for a few years, half-heartedly, to maintain the appearance of a loving father from afar, but the distance, combined with the hatred he still felt for his ex-wife, made it easy to forget them. Plus that hot Bulgarian showed up and forgetting became easier. But that was before she cleaned him out and ranÖ.

He walked into the bar where his kids said they would meet him. The bar is empty, except for a vaguely pretty, tired-looking bartender. Todd bellies up.

"Can I help you, sir?"

"Uh, hi. Yeah, Iíll have a martini, extra dry, two olives."

"Coming right up."

As she begins to mix his drink, Todd checks his Rolex. Fuck, the Bulgarian at least left his Rolex. Bitch. Todd sighs. He hates to wait, and now these kids he doesnít even know are making him do something he hates. What the hell was he doing here? Shit! Theyíd contacted him when their mother died, begging him to help them settle her affairs and straighten out their fucked-up lives. Now heís sitting in this shitty airport, in this shitty state, looking at this tired, sad bartender. Fuck!

"So where ya headed?"

Todd looks up, unfocused, and lets his eyes glide across the bartenderís breasts. Habit. At fifty, every set of tits looks spectacular, Todd thinks to himself. The bartender would be prettier if sheíd cheer the fuck up.

"Iím sorry. What?"

"Where are you headed?" she repeats.

"Oh, nowhere, actually. Iím meeting my kids here for the holidays."

"Thatís nice. Been awhile since you seen them?"

"Yeah, a little while, yeah."

"Good for you. How old are they?"

"Oh, theyíre older. All in their twenties already."

"That must be why you donít see them much, huh?"

"Yeah, ya know, college and all."

She hands him his drink. "Here you go. Thatís 12 bucks."

Todd hands her a twenty. She makes change, puts it on the bar. Todd takes a dollar from the pile and puts it in her almost empty tip jar.

"How many kids you got?"


"Four? I have one and that seems like a lot to me. Howíd you ever manage with four?"

"Well, we got divorced when they were pretty young. The kids went with their mother, soÖ"

"Oh, thatís too bad. Iím divorcedÖ well, single, and itís not easy."

"How old is your kid? What is it? Boy, girl?"

The bartender laughs. "Itís a boy. Heís four."

"Cute. Whaddya do with him working in this place?"

"Ah, my mom takes him,Ö took him. Sometimes my sister takes him."

"What about the father?"

"HeísÖ ahÖ out of the picture."

"Thatís too bad."

Todd turns away, looks around the bar. The bartender stays in front of him, wiping the same glass sheís been wiping the whole time. Todd finishes his drink, gestures for another. She begins making it. Todd mumbles under his breath, curses softly. He turns back to the bartender.

"Iím sorry, what was your name?"

"Maggie, sir."

"Nice to meet you, Maggie. Iím Todd."

"My pleasure, sir."

She hands Todd his drink. He hands her another twenty. Receiving his change, he puts another dollar in the jar.

"Donít spend it all in one place, huh?" he laughs.

"Yeah, itís a little slow right now. Not many flights, early in the day."

"What time you work til?"

"Iím on until 10."

"Whaddya usually do around here after that? Passing through, looking for something to doÖ"

"Who, me personally?"

"Well, you know, in generalÖ"

"Thereís lots to do at night. Clubs, bars, dancing. Really anything you want. Whadja have in mind?"

"Oh, I donít know. Just looking for entertainment. Fun, you know? Ah, nevermind. My kidsíll prolly have some fun things planned."

Todd drains his martini, waves for another. Maggie makes it. Cash is proffered, change is given, the obligatory dollar falls into the jar. Todd drinks, looking at his watch again. He turns and surveys the bar again. Fuckiní hell, he thinks, Iíve been here a good half-hour. Serve Ďem right if I get on fuckiní plane and leave.

"You fucking asshole! You donít even recognize me!"

Todd begins to look around. The bartender is speaking behind him, but he doesnít think she could be speaking to him. But the fury in her voice is pulling him, grabbing his head and dragging it around to face her. He shoots his eyes nervously from side to side, but thereís no one else in the bar.

"Excuse me?"

"Iím your fucking daughter, asshole! Maggie? Hello!?"

"UhÖ heyÖ"

"I look just like you, you self-absorbed piece of shit! All you did was look at my tits! You fucking prick! Why the fuck did we ask you to come?! I donít know why we thought youíd care about us, not after the way youíve treated us our whole lives! Fuck!"

"Maggie, heyÖ"

"NO! Shut the fuck up! You fucking prick!"

Maggie is shouting now, raging at him, spittle flying from her mouth. She pulls a gun from her purse behind the bar and points it at Todd. Todd feels his bladder go, the warmth spreading from his lap to his buttocks, soaking his chair. Maggie continues to shout as a crowd begins to form outside.

"Iíll tell you, dear Daddy, when you let us go to Canada with Mom we didnít understand what was happening or why. But when we came back a couple years later and you ditched for Singapore we knew the fucking truth! Why did you fucking have us?! Why didnít you love us?! Why the fuck did you come here?! Did you think weíd just forgive and forget?! Fuck you!"

Maggie is breathing heavily, sobbing.

"Iíve waited years for this. Enjoy it, asshole!"

Maggie spits at Todd. She lowers the gun, and with tears running down her face, points it at her own head. The gunshot is deafening in the small bar.

Toddís ears are still ringing as the police officer questions him some 40 minutes later. Emergency medical personnel told him it should stop soon, but Todd is still uncomfortable. It's difficult to hear the questions.

"How did you know the decedent?"

"I didn't."

3rd November 10, 04:27 PM
Oh... My... Todd....

That is all for now.

Spade: The Real Snake
3rd November 10, 05:29 PM
you forgot to mention the Bulgarian ran off with me

4th November 10, 04:46 PM
I really hope this doesn't go unanswered. I'd love to hear NoB's retaliation story.

Angry Mandrill
4th November 10, 04:51 PM
nob? who said it's about nob?

4th November 10, 05:15 PM
I meant retaliation for having a better short story than he could write.