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2nd November 10, 06:36 PM
HA HA !!
After putting in a most pitiful performance against Randy 'The Natural' Couture and lauging all the way to the bank..it seems Toney's laughter was quite short-lived.
I hope he gets every penny from that fight taken from him by Uncle Sam.

The IRS Put A Lien On James Toney’s UFC 118 Fight Purse
By Steve BarryOctober 26th, 2010

Following James Toney’s MMA debut at UFC 118, there was a rumor going around that the IRS had put a lien on Toney’s $500,000 fight purse. Well, it turns out that rumor was true. MMA Junkie is reporting that the IRS did in fact place a lien on Toney’s purse the night before his fight against Randy Couture and his camp is currently trying to recover it from everyone’s favorite government agency.

In an earlier interview with MMAjunkie.com, Arthur said Toney was enraged by an incident just prior to the contest and “just wanted to hit [Randy].”

Today, the trainer and manager said he was first notified of the lien the night prior to the event by a fellow member of Toney’s staff. The fighter’s tax attorney confirmed the judgement as the camp members, including Toney, were preparing to make their way to the TD Garden on fight day.

The attorney claimed the IRS put a hold on Toney’s purse to examine several past tax returns, Arthur said.

After initially considering the idea of pulling his fighter from the event, Arthur informed Toney of the news.

“I could see his face change from one extreme to the other extreme,” Arthur said of Toney.

Wow, talk about a bad weekend for James Toney. It hasn’t got much better for him since then either. His camp hasn’t had any luck getting him a boxing match yet and the UFC released him from his contract.

I think it’s safe to say James Toney’s UFC experiment couldn’t have gone worse

3rd November 10, 08:59 AM
I'd like to go a few rounds with a tax man in a cage, and my bank CEO as well.

Do it for free even.