View Full Version : I don't think the lost password function is working for me!

Wounded Ronin
19th October 10, 10:26 AM
So, even though I am logged on to Sociocide on my mobile, I am not on my desktop, and I seem to have forgotten my password. I have been trying to use the password reset function and even though the email address is correct and I have been checking both my inbox and my junk mail folder I do not seem to be getting a password reseg email from sociocide.

I need help resetting my password. Can anyone help me?

Thanks for the kind assistance.

19th October 10, 11:06 AM

19th October 10, 11:06 AM
PS: check the spam folder

Wounded Ronin
19th October 10, 12:58 PM
Very funny. If you read my OP I did that already.

Dark Helmet
19th October 10, 01:00 PM
I can fix this for you. Just send me your credit card number.

19th October 10, 01:02 PM
Try pm'ing phrost.

Spade: The Real Snake
20th October 10, 07:43 AM
go to the Bullshido Support thread and put a message on that "Can't Log Into Sociocide" thread, as for some reason, Steve seems to respond quicker to those requests then the requests here.