View Full Version : weewoo weewoo sale alert

14th October 10, 04:37 AM
Yoox, who already tends to sell clothing at a discount, is having a ridiculous sample sale.
Yoox casts a pretty wide net (carries a lot of bullshit), so you're going to want to use their search engine to filter out a ton of garbage. Here's a few suggestions on fairly wearable labels to consider, to help you narrow your search:

APC, Rag & Bone, Wings + Horns, Woolrich - Pretty straightforward menswear. Slim-fitting but sober styling.
Raf Simons, Surface 2 Air, Dior Homo Homme, Alexander McQueen - usually cool, modernist stuff that sometimes pushes the boundaries of good taste a little too far.
The Generic Man, Neil Barret - about the only good footwear options I saw.
Gaypril April 77 - youthful vegan rocker clothing.

Feel free to look at other things, though.