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28th August 10, 07:56 PM
Though sick and waiting for aches and sinus runs to turn into chest congestion, I was offered a free ticket to watch the Harrisburg Senators go up against the Trenton Thunder. Since I had never gone and there's supposed to be some connection with American and baseball, I decided to pop a few more sudafed and risk it.

Parking went surprisingly well, and we walked to City Island and into the new stadium to find our seats. Right off we discover an old couple sitting in my seat, but who graciously offer to let us "have their seats" so we could all sit together. (After the rest of our 8-person group showed up and the seats ran out, they amazingly discover they were in the wrong section.) Seats were alright and while a bit cold (knew I shoulda brought a jacket) they were comfy even for a tall person, and we were situated fairly close to the action, and just a little right of home plate.

The game goes slow, but innings are pretty fast. don't know how much of this was due to being minor league though. The biggest inning was the second, with Trenton scoring one run, and Harrisburg getting two. Before that Trenton had one run, so the score was tied. Afterward Trenton got two more runs in different innings, and we thought the game was over. However in the 7th and 8th innings, Harrisburg got a homerun and a man in, making the score 4 -3 Harrisburg. It came pretty close at the end of the ninth - Trenton had bases loaded, 2 strikes, and 2 outs. Still, the pitcher pulled through and got the last guy out.

Peripherals: the beer and food are way overpriced, there was a man in front of us wearing a hat with the letters CP emblazoned on it (I refrained from laughing too hard). The River Monster mascot was cool and at times obscene, there apparently was a second mascot - some sort of Dalmation that sucked, and of course this guy, who stole the show:


He defeats the rowdy baseball players with the power of dance! It's like the Michael Jackson Moonwalker arcade game!


Best part of the game, seriously.

Also, the Trenton pitcher sucked. Balls and fouls all over the place.

28th August 10, 07:59 PM
So, would you go again? Do you find it entertaining enough?

28th August 10, 08:06 PM
It depends on who I'm going with, and how much the ticket cost. I would definitely go for free again.

Oh yeah, at one point one of the Trenton batters was arguing with the umpire, and they played this on the big screen:



Although I was upset that only one of my friends had seen Bull Durham, so all those references went out the window.

Oh yeah, and being the game geeks we are, we were determining which Mario Bros. sounds would best improve the game (coin collected each time you reach a base, pipe entrance for switching whose in the outfield, etc.) - and half an hour later, they actually play the death sound on the thrid out! It was very satisfying.

29th August 10, 09:13 AM
Minor league baseball can be fun. Been to a HV Renegades game or two. The stuff that the announcers get the crowd doing seems more fun than the actual game, but I'm not much of a baseball fan.

29th August 10, 10:34 AM
A strange fact about my hometown and Baseball..we have the oldest continually operating Ballpark in North America here. Its called Labatt Park and its right at the forks of theThames River. Yes, the OTHER Thames river to you Brits..
The place has been a Ballpark since 1840. Check out the page on Wiki sometime. Sad thing is, we have very little support for baseball here. There is an intercounty team, the Majors, that make their home there and have been there for well over 20 years. But the only stab we had at real ball was when we had the Detroit Tiger's minor league team here for a while in the late 80's. But poor fan support resulted in them leaving after only 3 or 4 years..
Its a shame because we have such an historic playing field.