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1st August 10, 02:39 PM
This is the Achilles lowtop by Common Projects.
This sexy sneaker is classic kick meets modernist design. A lot of you are probably thinking, "modernist?" but don't worry about it, it's not important.

This is a shoe from the upcoming Common Projects x Evisu line, which is CP's excuse to do a diffusion line. The retail cost of this shoe is roughly half that of the Achilles, even though they're obviously similar.
And yet, this shoe looks like the tepid scum that coalesces on the murky top of a putrid cesspool. What's the difference?


In an effort to halve the price point they ditched that sexy, sewn outsole for this glued-on garbage. The moral of the story is: pay some goddamn attention to what's going on the bottom of your feet and always pick sewn outsoles over glued when you have the option.

1st August 10, 02:47 PM
I'm actually going to take that bit of advice. Thanks.

1st August 10, 02:57 PM
Glued outsoles aren't like, horrible poison or nothin'. It's just that they tend to not last as long, and in the case of dress shoes may not be as repairable or replaceable as sewn on outsoles.

2nd August 10, 02:22 AM
What do you mean by lasting "long"? How many years? I figure buying new shoes once a year isn't too bad, even if they cost over $50.

You're probably going to insult me now, aren't you?

2nd August 10, 04:02 AM
CPs last until the sole wears all the way down, which is longer than most cheaper sneakers because it's solid rubber. I don't buy that those little pockets of air do shit, I think it's just a way to build the outsole cheaper and flimsier.

It's sad though, since they're actually nice leather shoes the uppers always outlast the outsole. I want to market a way to resole these sneakers, cause I think high end sneakerheads would be all over this.