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21st July 10, 08:33 AM
I'm assuming that the well informed citizens of sociocide have read this piece of journalism.

If you hadn't you better head over the washington post and take a look.


Interesting work, I have some major criticisms though:

lumping the DOD and all citizens with a top secret clearance is not relevant to the GWOT or the concern over civil liberties.

Everyone with half a fucking brain knows that lockheed martin and northrop grumman and general dynamics contract for the DOD and members of the staff have to have top secret clearance.

There are still laws, legislative laws that require secrecy and declare it a crime of TREASON to make public certain information.


F-35 Joint strike fighter information - or information relating to any confidential aircraft, naval or military vehicles and weaponry equipment. Consider anything from during the cold war.

Trade secrets such as ferromagnetic fluid - a paint that makes aircraft invisible to radar etc. This is propriety or above propriety information.

This is reality looks like more of an exposition of the military industrial complex (MIC), not the intelligensia of the united states.

There is not enough focus on the actual companies that are doing domestic surveillance, what their interests are - and there is not enough focus on how the IT industry is being geared towards security and surveillance.

The journalists have lumped so much of the existing MIC in with their work that it is actually obscuring where legitimate concerns should probably be raised (The department of homeland security etc).

Also, if their intention was to document the MIC, it seems to me a mistake to gloss over the obvious connections to universities and educational institutions.

Those are my criticisms, but I otherwise think this is excellent journalism and impressive to raise it to a national level of consciousness.

P.S Eisenhower.

P.P.S Conspiracy theorists inbound.

21st July 10, 01:44 PM
I saw this, didn't have time to do more than skim a few pages since I was at work. The map of the "secret" offices was rather impressive.

Shotgun Christening
21st July 10, 04:54 PM
1) LOL its the Washington Post.

2) Nothing is a true secret.

21st July 10, 10:17 PM
You can see one of the underground bunkers on the way to M-ASA's gliderfield. There's a no-fly zone over it. I can't remember if it's for the pres, or certain members of congress, but it's one of those.

22nd July 10, 08:39 AM
I grew up about 15 miles from a city that had a nuclear bunker built by the local government, for the use of senior police officers, elected officials, civil engineers working for the city etc..

The toilets facilities were above ground.

I think this may have set me on the path towards lack of respect for civic authority.