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14th June 10, 03:53 AM
Hipster bashers can rejoice because the Wayfarer is post peak. Now, I thought it was going to be the Clubmaster that was going to be the next thing, and in America and London that still seems to be coming true. In Japan though, it seems like we're moving back to the Aviator, Cockpit, and other wire and thin frames.


This is significant, partially because we usually steal Japan's fashion a year after the fact and partly because I hate Clubmasters as sunglass frames.

I still have a couple months of back issues of Japanese fashion mags to flip through. Watch this space.

14th June 10, 11:47 AM
I have a pair of vintage motorcycle goggles (akin to these (http://www.allynscura.com/images/goggles.mesh2.jpg)) that I wear while cycling in the spring; dirt gets caught up in the snowbanks throughout the winter, and it tends to be quite dusty right after the thaw.
Aside from that, I generally try to avoid wearing eyewear, as it doesn't mesh well with long hair.

14th June 10, 01:53 PM
Maybe that's a sign that you should cut your filthy damn hair.

14th June 10, 03:26 PM
None of those glasses would fit my head shape. It's very hard for me to find sunglasses that don't look weird on my face.