View Full Version : Let's all dress like pedophillic camp counselors!

12th June 10, 03:32 AM
So a few seasons ago I started spotting button-up shirts with button-tabs on the sleeves. You'd roll up the sleeves, then button them up with the tab, because I guess rolling them up normally just isn't enough for some people. It was a little bit too similar to belt+suspenders, but since it was easy enough to fix by removing the offending hardware I never really cared about the trend.

And epaulets, those are always in fashion. I bet even Poop Loops owns something that has shoulder doo-dads.

But then some asshole got the bright idea of putting both of these on the same shirt, then adding double-button chest pockets on both sides and dubbing it the re-incarnated "camp shirt".


Perhaps targeting a demographic of men and women who secretly wish to be chic flight attendants, this is the worst thing to happen to button-front shirts since some other asshole started printing dragons on them. Who wears this shit? Justin Beiber and douchebags walking out of the Stacy Adams store at the mall. Are you a doorman? Please turn away everybody wearing one of these. Do you interview for jobs? I think you know what to do. Waiter or waitress? Ejaculate in their food. This shit has got to stop.

12th June 10, 03:54 AM
LOL, if your long sleeves can't be kept up on your own you have a problem.

12th June 10, 04:02 AM
^Speaks from experience.

12th June 10, 04:27 AM

That's a cute picture of you in the background there.

12th June 10, 04:35 AM
The chick facing away?

12th June 10, 04:50 AM
How do you know what a pedocamp counselor wears?

12th June 10, 08:25 AM
Good to have you back, MJS. Stop being racist - at least in the thread titles.

And if I ejaculated in everyone's food that had crappy fashion sense I'd have nothing left for you when I came home.

12th June 10, 08:27 AM
How do you know what a pedocamp counselor wears?

Because I've given him your facebook URL.

12th June 10, 08:54 AM

12th June 10, 09:53 AM
I think that's a little unfair. I'd put it at 6.5 for deadpan, economical delivery.

12th June 10, 11:30 AM
It's true, those sleeve buttons are fucking stoopid.

If you want to combat them, I'd recommend making sport of snipping the buttons off with a pair of safety scissors.

Epaulets? Those are retarded too. Let's start cutting them in half when we catch people wearing them.