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9th May 10, 09:23 AM
Happy Mother's Day, all you mom's!

Coming just after an almost made up celebration from the "Mexican" companies, let's hear it for another made up celebration coming from the greeting card and flower companies! Honestly though, mother's need a day of appreciation. They carried you around - inside them. Even the biggest lover won't do that for you. They cleaned your doodies and your spit-ups. They bled and fought and sweated and humped for you. Appreciate your mother.

In the Vedas, and all through Indian culture today, mothers are highly revered. It is said that all women except for your wife should be considered "mother." Actually it says you have seven mothers: your biological, the queen, the earth, the cow, the wife of the guru, the wife of a brahman, and the nurse.

For Mother's Day I'm sitting at a glider field helping put together one of these
and then waiting around for a call if me mah happens to land out and I have to go get her. I'll also be mowing the grass around the trailer (and some friends' trailers) and if it was warm enough, stripping paint off the wings of her other glider.

So what you doing for Mother's Day? Or what is being done for you?

9th May 10, 10:28 AM
Mothering Sunday has been celebrated in England since at least the 16th century, it's not an invention of card and flower companies (although Father's day is).

However, we seem to celebrate it on a different date from the rest of the world, on the fourth Sunday in Lent, which was 14th of March this year.

9th May 10, 10:53 AM
Scotland and Ireland have it the same time as England.

9th May 10, 10:55 AM
This never gets old...


Happy Mother's Day Kiko and fes!!

9th May 10, 11:33 AM
Wind too strong, tow pilot gives thumbs down. Took apart the glider. Wind died down, tow pilot gave the thumbs up. Put the glider back together.

It's Mother's Day. It's Mother's Day. It's Mother's Day...

9th May 10, 11:51 AM
A Good Mother is worth a Thousand Gurus.

9th May 10, 12:06 PM
But a good cow is worth at least two mothers.

9th May 10, 01:03 PM
wtf? why is the wife of the barman a mother to me?
fuck that bitch.

anyway, i had my momz and dadz over cos my gf made me, and ive been cleaning the house since saturday in order to have it suitable.
(according to my gf that is, i thought it was clean enough.)
we baked chocolate cookies and a cake and my gf bought flowers which she made me give to my momz and she also hissed at me: you owe me 15 euros, you asshole!
100% true story.

then i went to my balcony for a ciggy and my dad joined me so the 'ladies' could swap recepies or whatever it is what females do to band.
i told my father to go take a hike so i could have sex with mah gf, so they left and with a bit of luck next year the only mothersday will be for my momz and not for mah gf.

in ashort: free flowers, cake and chocolate cookies.
not bad for just a couple of hours pushing out a baby 30 years ago.
i wish i was a mother.

9th May 10, 02:32 PM
Dealing with wind: annoying
Putting together a glider twice: bothersome
Mowing two acres around various trailers and hook-ups with a crappy mower for a club I don't belong to: wrist and back pain

Bragging that I'm the only one on sociocide voluntarily doing anything for momz on Mother's Day: trollishly awesome.

Ungrateful wretches.

9th May 10, 02:54 PM
All around the world.

And on the internet.

Even hataz gotta recogniiize.

9th May 10, 04:51 PM
Met up for awesome lunch with siblings ( cooked by mum), baked a Coffee walnut cake for her and got her some new shoes :)

Arjuna, you're a good boy.

9th May 10, 04:52 PM
My mom is in Texas

Doritosaurus Chex
9th May 10, 05:06 PM
Gave mom a box of tea bags. She thanked me for not getting her something retarded like I've done so in the past. I went to work.

9th May 10, 06:36 PM
Took Mom (& Dad) to show last night. Chilled out at home and was treated to a lovely breakfast, a really nice book about roses (It's too cold to plant 'em yet) and a day of vegging with some movies. Will see Mom tomorrow with a flower.


9th May 10, 06:45 PM
Too cold to plant roses?

9th May 10, 08:20 PM
Sent mom flowers and talked to her. She's having a crab broil with my sisters and the grandkids.

9th May 10, 09:11 PM
Every year at Mother's Day I call my old martial arts instructor (who is still actively teaching, weight training, endurance training and sparring) and with him a Happy Mother's Day.

I always say, "Steve, after all these years, you're STILL the baddest mother I know so Happy Mother's Day."

It has been a tradition for years now.

9th May 10, 10:33 PM
^ nice one and I'd say many of us can relate to that.

Robot Jesus
9th May 10, 10:51 PM
I cooked dinner, made long pig.

9th May 10, 11:03 PM
Nothin says I love you like Porkin your mother.

10th May 10, 03:28 AM
I got up at 5.15am to hose down the monsters and fill their food trough. Then I took them out of the house for a few hours, returning with croissants and coffee to give their mother a late breakfast in bed. Went out for brunch by the beach with MILF and M-I-L.

My mother had to make do with a phone call.

10th May 10, 04:44 AM
Because the cow and bull provided milk and the ability to survive - without them their culture would have withered and died. It'd be like America without guns.

10th May 10, 12:40 PM
Too cold to plant roses?

Maybe not, but we've had freeze warnings last few nights. Let the nursery keep 'em a bit longer!

10th May 10, 02:12 PM
So in America, one of our Moms is our gun?

IN india, Bulls provide milk? LOL.

Definitely one of those religions you can know is bunk with just a passing glance. Yeah, I'd say a gun is yer mom. Go suck on her "teat."

Are you suggesting there are religions you don't think are bunk with a passing glance?