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Robot Jesus
15th April 10, 05:22 PM
Poulet roti

That roast chicken, numbnuts! And if you can't properly roast a damn chicken then you are one helpless, hopeless, sorry-ass bivalve in an apron. Take the apron off, wrap it around your neck, and hang yourself. You do not deserve to wear the proud garment of generations of hardworking, dedicated cooks. turn in those clogs, too.

this book is everything I'm looking for in a cook book. it's authentically french, but a simpler style of cooking then you usually find. everything can easily be whipped up in little time and is delicious. I especially like the poulet basquaise.

I also like the writing style as seen above.

15th April 10, 08:34 PM
hhhmmm i actually really enjoy his tv show. Might have tocheck this cook book out.

15th April 10, 10:04 PM
Kitchen Confidential is also very good, cooking memoir more than cookbook but some interesting insights

Robot Jesus
16th April 10, 05:55 PM
pork chops in mustard pickle sauce was not so good.

Robot Jesus
18th April 10, 12:50 PM
while we're on the topic, tony brings this up a lot on his speaking tours.



18th April 10, 12:56 PM
The fact that she frosted a store bought cake with canned frosting as the host of a cooking show, or something specific about Kwanza?

18th April 10, 12:59 PM
The first time I watched that I thought the skinny middle-class white chick was subtly insulting Black people's intelligence. Now I think she just might be a crappy cook.

She looked an awful lot like the chick I once saw in a porn vid on redtube.com called 'Disgruntled employee with German Milf' tho.

18th April 10, 03:24 PM
Sandra Lee is not a cook. Her show is basically 'How to put together stuff you can buy to impress people who REALLY can't cook and have never eaten stuff made by anyone else who can'. She must be sleeping with someone at the Food Network or something.

18th April 10, 03:34 PM
In the video I saw it was this muscular German dude who was angry about not getting his yearly raise.

Robot Jesus
27th April 10, 05:30 PM
one of the main appeals of the book is that it is Brassarie cooking. that means cooking high end working class food. it blows the "good, fast, cheap: pick two" paradigm out of the water. everything is good fast and cheap.

which brings me to my next point; I thumbed through Mario Batali's babbo cookbook. Learned a fair bit about pasta, but this is a three star restaurant cookbook-I'm never going to prepare "truffles three ways".
anyone know of a good Italian bistro cookbook that lends an eye to restaurant cooking over "sally homemaker"?

30th April 10, 02:43 PM
Italian Reginal Cuisine is kind of huge but a very comprehensive and well written Italian cookbook. Sort of the Italian version of Larousse Gastronomique.

Also the Silver Spoon is a really good classic, fundamental cookbook.

Neither is aimed at restaurant chefs per se, but they are both excellent, well written, and useful books.

There are good recipes, but also you can learn method, ingredient selection, seasonal variations on a theme etc. which I find much more practical than recipe collection type cookbooks.

Toby Christensen
1st May 10, 09:20 AM
Anthony Bourdain's commitment is amazing.

I would have had a psychotic breakdown in the first week of "Kitchen Confidential".

Robot Jesus
1st May 10, 12:11 PM
the book or the TV show? I think I would break down in the first week of either.

Toby Christensen
1st May 10, 01:52 PM
The book. I would have thrown the adulterous bride and the old hippy on the hotplate.

Robot Jesus
5th May 10, 06:36 PM
I'm yet to make a bad dish from this, here is an example




like this

finish here


then put this on top