View Full Version : To NOM or not to NOM....

14th April 10, 06:13 AM
Ya know... when you drop it and have to decide? I still say, bugs ain't that quick!


14th April 10, 09:39 AM
Except for the parent part, that works for me. Wait...what if no one sees you drop a raw egg?

Not seen -> sticky -> not raw steak -> cat didn't lick it -> eat it?

Robot Jesus
14th April 10, 06:33 PM
eggs are actually less likely to be contaminated with salmonella then you might think. it's really more of a restaurant/large fridge storage issue. as long as you don't keep you eggs next to spoiled food, or food close to spoiling you should be fine.

14th April 10, 08:08 PM
You're still eating a raw egg off your floor.

Robot Jesus
14th April 10, 08:34 PM
my floor is clean.

14th April 10, 10:55 PM

Yiktin Voxbane
15th April 10, 08:05 AM
Eggy-Fresh .

Nice flow chart Kiko .

15th April 10, 08:22 AM
You're still eating a raw egg off your floor.

It depends on how you define "food." A raw egg could be considered non-food in the same way that iron ore can be considered a non-car.

15th April 10, 01:56 PM
Shells. Ewww. Raw eggs are only good as part of other things... like Caesar dressing or maybe a milkshake. Otherwise they're not food yet.