View Full Version : Wikileaks peeps complain of harrassment by intelligence services.

13th April 10, 03:39 PM
The Wikileaks activists are complaining of harrassment by police and intelligence services around the globe. They talk of being followed, being detained without good cause, computers being seized, and in one case, whilst in Luxembourg, being approached by a British Intelligence agent who made veiled threats of some kind.

Last week they released the Iraqi 'collateral murder' footage we've discussed in another thread. They are now preparing to put out footage of an incident in Afghanistan (sometimes known as the 'Granai Massacre') where a compound was bombed that resulted in the death of some children.

The full Times article is here: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/us_and_americas/article7094234.ece

13th April 10, 04:55 PM
A good way to get them to stop showing this shit is to stop committing the acts. Have they presented anything that might threaten security? Have they embellished anything, or spun it to be more slanderous or damaging than the simple footage? What a waste of time.

On the other hand, ego and paranoia (rightful paranoia, perhaps) might have the Wikileaks people blowing things out of proportion. Nations would certainly want to know how they're getting these vids and documents - hacking? espionage? help from other nations?/groups? There is a reasonable case toward the US looking more closely at how Wikileaks functions.

The last part of the article is a bit hazy to me.

Broadcasting such a film could expose Wikileaks to prosecution in America but the organisation appears to have put itself beyond the reach of court injunctions by existing only in the digital sphere.
There has been speculation that Wikileaks might be part of a sophisticated “psy-ops” campaign by the CIA. If that is the case, says Assange, “I only wish they would step forward with a cheque.” First, how does existing solely in the digital realm protect people from court injunctions? Did anyone tell Napster this? Second, is the last paragraph suggesting they are a CIA front? To what purpose?

13th April 10, 05:05 PM
First, how does existing solely in the digital realm protect people from court injunctions?

By mirroring any content a particular country's courts may want taken down in other countries. British courts don't have jurisdiction outside British territory. They can't order something to be taken off a Russian or Tongan server.