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12th April 10, 02:58 PM
This is just one example among many why I will never go to Mexico for a holiday..not to mention all the other shit that goes on down there. Fucking lawless land..


Canadian couple travelling in Mexico terrorized by armed bandits, vehicles stolen Module body

Sun Apr 11, 9:48 PM

By Ciara Byrne, The Canadian Press

A Canadian couple held up by more than a dozen armed bandits while travelling through Mexico said the frightening experience was exacerbated by facing days of bureaucratic hurdles.

"Two minutes of terrorism and twelve days of legal terrorism," said a weary Jack Vander Byl from his home in Portland, Ont. in eastern Ontario.

Vander Byl and his wife Michelle were spending their final day in Mexico, driving their pickup truck and trailer on March 26 along a road in Tamaulipas.

Their two friends, Joyce and David Miller, were following, and the travelling campers were 300 kilometres from the U.S. border. The four had been in Mexico since Jan. 5.

As the road split, Vander Byl said he noticed three pickup trucks ahead, parked near the ditch, and one driver suddenly darted across the road to block any traffic.

"They looked like policemen, had black uniforms, flak jackets, machine guns," said Vander Byl, adding he was not alarmed by the sight as it was common to drive through police checkpoints.

When Vander Byl asked the man in Spanish for identification, the man laughed, and another bandit began forcing his hand through the cracked window.

One of the 16 or more bandits pointed his gun in the air and fired a shot.

"At that point, I said 'whoa, this is not a police checkpoint.' I put the truck in park and in a split second the door was open and he had me by the shoulder and yanked me out of the truck," said Vander Byl.

In a few minutes, the two couples and two dogs - their friend's pets - were left by the side of the road as the bandits drove away with the vehicles.

"As the guy driving Dave's truck and trailer goes by us, he waves at us and smiles," said Vander Byl.

In retrospect, Vander Byl believes the couples were targeted, spotted at their last campground by the bandits.

"That was the risk we were willing to take to go into Mexico, that someday this could happen. But you never dream it's going to happen to you," said Vander Byl, acknowledging certain areas of Mexico could be like "war zones."

But Vander Byl always assumed they'd be safe. He said there has always been an understanding between the bandits and the government to leave the tourists alone.

The vehicles were recovered two days later, but rigid bureaucratic rules prevented the couple from taking their truck and trailer home.

Vander Byl went to the federal attorney general's office in Mexico, and tried to retrieve his vehicles.

He said officials in Mexico took him and his distraught wife through a maze of misinformation. They were required to provide copies of the Canadian-issued ownership for the truck and trailer.

But officials wanted more information, they wanted the original bill of sale translated into Spanish by a certified translator and then verified and stamped by officials in Ottawa. This process would take almost two weeks by mail.

"They were making it impossible," said Vander Byl.

The couple were then told they would have to prove that the truck and trailer were legal to have in the country, and would have to go to the point of entry in Mexico and retrieve the original documentation allowing them into the country.

Eventually, the couple gave up and abandoned their vehicle. They took the bus to Monterrey, where the Canadian consulate issued emergency passports and the couple left by plane, landing in Ottawa on April 8.

Vander Byl said the experience has been psychologically damaging. While they were in Mexico, his wife wasn't eating, or sleeping and she was crying all day. He only hopes the insurance will be able to cover some of the cost.

"It's been an awful nightmare. The holdup by the bandits was probably the smallest part of it."

Vander Byl said his friends have been in touch with their MP, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson, who assisted them with getting passports.

The Foreign Affairs Department is aware of the incident.

"The Canadian missions in Mexico City, as well as Monterrey are working closely with local authorities to gather additional information," Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Ambra Dickie said in an email.

After seven years of travelling to Mexico, Vander Byl said he likely won't return.

"On thinking about how much power the officials have, if you got mugged in Mexico, and had your tourist visa and passport on you at the time you were robbed, you might never get out of that country," said Vander Byl.

12th April 10, 04:16 PM
I loved my last vacation to Mexico...but I stayed on the resort for the most part.

12th April 10, 04:16 PM
I was in Mexico earlier this year, but at a closed resort in the Mayan. The travel advisory said not to go anywhere near the US boarder.

These guys were lucky to get out alive...and their insurance will most likely not give them a dime, because everyone knows it is a huge risk.

BTW...The insurance company should hire those guys from El Mariachii to get it back.

Robot Jesus
12th April 10, 04:26 PM
planing on going to Cancun in June.

12th April 10, 07:36 PM
I remember reading another story in a magazine about some poor bastard who took his yacht a lttle too far into he Gulf of Mexico and had his boat stolen by Mexican pirates, then they killed his gf, cut his throat and threw him on an island to die.
He survived luckily, but that shit is just too much. I don't care how beautiful and affordable a Mexican vacation is, I would never go there. I'd rather shell out for the air fare and go to Costa Rica or something.

12th April 10, 08:17 PM
Ozz u pussy.

I went to mexico city and i was fine, and im planning on going to cancun.

Those two people were stupid because they took their camper into northern mexico and spent a few weeks just driving around. Can you look like a bigger fucking target?

Northern mexico is more violent than iraq. You might as well go vacation in Falluja. The rest of Mexico isn't anything like Northern Mexico.

12th April 10, 08:42 PM
to hell with mexico. nuke it from space. what is it good for anyway?

12th April 10, 09:16 PM
Yeah, fuck it man..I don't need to prove my manhood by going to a shithole country where you can't drink the water anyways..fuck that place.
Actually, even before it started getting all the bad press I always maintained that I would never vacation anywhere I couldn't drink the water.
I would go to Colombia though..despite the dangers. I've met some pretty hot Colombian girls at work and I'd like to try the PURO COCAINO..In fact, if I ever left my wife, that's probably the first place I would go to work for a while and teach English.
Can I drink the water there?

12th April 10, 11:47 PM
So they realized they weren't cops, and THEN put the vehicle in park? WTF? Also, did they not try to bribe the officials? I was warned to always keep a 20 in your sock just in case the "police" weren't being cooperative.

I never had any problems in Mexico, but then I stayed close to the border in Nogales as a priest, and didn't look at all like a good target when vacationing for Spring Break.

13th April 10, 02:38 AM
ozz, forget columbia. i wanna check out bolivia. they sell pure coca at gas stations and there's no bacteria. air is in short supply but whatever.

and as for the water thing, you can't drink the water in the philippines either but that shouldn't stop anybody from going there. all you gotta do is drink beer instead. but if you really need some water, you can get decent bottled water from a small child on the side of the highway when you're stuck in traffic, it's brilliant.

13th April 10, 04:42 AM
You realize that's most likely tap water in a re-used bottle, right?

Spade: The Real Snake
13th April 10, 07:46 AM
So in Summery, Canadians are not strong enuff for the Southwest.

Thank you gentlemen and good night.

13th April 10, 08:21 AM
Why is Northern Mexico so bad?

Spade: The Real Snake
13th April 10, 12:41 PM
Drug running into Mexico. The money flows so freely that most Bordertown cops are more corrupt then the criminals.

13th April 10, 03:00 PM
Northern mexico has half a dozen Catels fighting each other with enough weapons to take over a small country.

13th April 10, 04:16 PM
The worst part is the line waiting to drive back into the US. It was hot, the AC was broken, and if we rolled the windows down legions of grubby beggar kids would come up, shove their hands into the cars and start chanting, "Money money money money money money." Not even good begging, or selling some cheap ass candy or anything. Just, "money money money money money money money..." Made you want to roll the window up before letting them remove their hand.

Spade: The Real Snake
14th April 10, 11:32 AM
Arjuna, the correct quote is:

"Money. Chiclet (pronounced "CHICK-LAY"). Nickle"

Ming Loyalist
14th April 10, 11:35 AM
The worst part is the line waiting to drive back into the US. It was hot, the AC was broken, and if we rolled the windows down legions of grubby beggar kids would come up, shove their hands into the cars and start chanting, "Money money money money money money." Not even good begging, or selling some cheap ass candy or anything. Just, "money money money money money money money..." Made you want to roll the window up before letting them remove their hand.

really? so, grabbing one of their arms, pulling out a pocket knife and attempting to cut off a finger or two wouldn't solve that issue?

Spade: The Real Snake
14th April 10, 11:45 AM
really? so, grabbing one of their arms, pulling out a pocket knife and attempting to cut off a finger or two wouldn't solve that issue?

If you are still IN Mexico? No.
YOU are Whitey Whitebread McPaleface Gringo.

translation: YOU have money or can get money to pay off the Federales and get or keep yourself out of La Pinta.

14th April 10, 11:56 AM
I wouldn't recommend mutilating small children in a country where local law has such little influence. Village mobs are seriously uncaring about tourists. I'd say you could do it if you make a run to get back across the border, but if I could've done that then I wouldn't have had the kids bothering me in the first place.

"Money. Chiclet (pronounced "CHICK-LAY"). Nickle"They didn't even know the right phrase?? Dammit, I got annoying third-rate beggar children.

Indian kids were better, first they didn't care about money as much as annoying and seeing what they could get/steal from the American. Second, they would go after used water bottles so they could sell them to the vendors who fill them with water and sell them back to tourists as bottled water. If I spoke enough Hindi I wanted to explain to them that by gathering mud, drying it into tiny bricks and selling it as tilak (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tilaka), they could make a fortune off us naive pilgrims. I would've paid a kid who did that since it would show entrepreneurial spirit; instead I just bent down and did it myself.

Spade: The Real Snake
14th April 10, 12:07 PM
In one of the World's fucking STOOPIDIST Ideas catagory:

My High School's graduating trip was to Disneyland for Grad Nite, followed by a nice 3 day trip to Ensenada. Yes, 300+ newly graduating seniors went to a virtually lawless country where the drinking age is 18.

No less then a dozen of my former classmates found themselves in La Bote until sufficient payola could be cobbled together.

14th April 10, 12:29 PM
One of the STOOPIDIST things I did in my life was agreeing to give a guy $20 for weed in Mexico. When my friends found out, they did everything short of slapping me, then we hightailed it out of there before the guy got back. It might have been legit, but it was still REALLY stupid. Thankfully the worst result from that was losing $20.