View Full Version : North Korea General Erection Begins Tomorrow.

8th April 10, 09:25 AM
Kim Jong-Il is still bat shit crazy


The trademark suit sported by North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il is now in fashion worldwide thanks to his greatness, Pyongyang's official website said on Wednesday.

Uriminzokkiri, quoting an article in communist party newspaper Rodong Sinmun, said the modest-looking suits have gripped people's imagination and become a global vogue [ed. paging MJS...].

"The reason is that the august image of the Great General, who is always wearing the modest suit while working, leaves a deep impression on people's mind in the world," it said.

"To sum it up, that is because his image as a great man is so outstanding."

He certainly is outstanding. As a bat-shit-crazy-baby-eating-self-loving-asshole.



I'd wear it.. it's a snazzy suit. Of course I'd have to drop about 9" from my height to match his "smallness".

and just so we get as many hits for this as possible:

8th April 10, 10:03 AM
I wonder who'll win.

8th April 10, 01:58 PM
I'm wearing one of those suits right now.

8th April 10, 02:42 PM
I thought KJI was dressing in track suits, like Anders.

Spade: The Real Snake
8th April 10, 02:43 PM
KJI is KICKIN' IT like he a fucking SOPRANO, yo.....

8th April 10, 06:31 PM
So is there actually an election being staged held in N. Korea right now?

8th April 10, 06:51 PM
Yes. You can either vote for Dear Leader, or His Hairdo.

One of them will lead Korea, the World, into the Glorious New Era.

9th April 10, 04:09 AM
Ycould dredge a slick outfit from that design abortion. The first step would be to not use North Korean seamsters. Look at the shoulders, they pucker like princess sleeves.