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1st April 10, 04:55 AM
seems like ferals have been breeding with hunting dogs to create larger, more aggressive creatures.

a couple of people have been killed and eaten.

Camp dogs getting bigger, more dangerous

A Northern Territory shire council says a new, more dangerous breed of camp dog has developed in remote communities around the Territory.

This week the Northern Territory coroner voiced concerns about violent dog attacks in communities and called for more funding to deal with the problem.

The chief executive of Roper Gulf shire, Michael Berto, says camp dogs are in some cases getting more vicious because of inter-breeding with hunting dogs.

"I can't speak for every dog, but generally speaking they are finding the bigger the dog with those sorts of breeds in them they are becoming more dangerous," he said.

"If provoked, for example, or if they have a feral animal running through the community, these dogs go off much more in a violent manner."

The council wants to educate visitors and transient workers about the dangers of cross-breeding.

"Some contractors are not as considerate and their dogs get mixed up in the community," Mr Berto said.

"But to be fair on outside people coming in, it doesn't happen a lot ... it's more about the history of people over the years going out there to take up work."


Wild dogs kill men, body parts eaten: Coroner

The Northern Territory Coroner says it has taken the deaths of two men for agencies to deal with packs of dangerous wild dogs that roam Alice Springs town camps.

The Coroner Greg Cavanagh has handed down his findings into the deaths of the men at the Hidden Valley Town Camp

He found 26-year-old Michael Anthony Hardy died in July 2008 of acute asphyxiation while being attacked by a pack of dogs.

Mr Cavanagh heard from various witnesses who discovered Mr Hardy's body after the "sustained attack" by "a number of dogs".

"There is no doubt that it would have been a most horrifying experience for anyone, particularly given the extremely serious injuries that he received," Mr Cavanagh said.

"[One witness] described the body as naked and having a large chunk out of the leg."

Detective Sergeant Leith Phillips told the coroner there was "not an ounce of flesh from his knee to his hip on one leg", and "the deceased had lost part of his scrotum".

An autopsy report showed Mr Hardy had a blood alcohol level of 0.224% and had "hundreds" of abrasions over his body.

"There is no doubt in my mind that this would have been a terrifying attack and a terrible way for the deceased to have spent the last moments of his life," Mr Cavanagh said.

Father-of-two, Robert James Roe, 47, was attacked in the same camp a month later.

The coroner heard he died from a heart attack, and although there were severe injuries to his skin and limbs, there was no evidence to indicate that those injuries occurred prior to his death.

"It is very clear that his body was, shortly after his death, attacked and eaten by dogs, which is a serious and tragic matter indeed," Mr Cavanagh said.

Both men died in open areas of the camp.

Mr Cavanagh found that dog control was the responsibility of the Alice Springs Town Council, but their efforts had been hampered by the cultural rules imposed by the Tangentyere Aboriginal Council restricting access to the town camps.

Mr Cavanagh said that restriction had now been resolved, and dog control had improved in the camps.

He urged the Federal government to extend its funding for dog control.


this is not really one of the dogs in question, just a photo from one of the articles. gives you an idea of what the "camps" look like.


Spade: The Real Snake
1st April 10, 09:38 AM
Hell Hounds <3 Cheetos and Coke!

1st April 10, 09:43 AM
Everything in Australia wants to kill humans.

Yiktin Voxbane
1st April 10, 10:09 AM
That's one HAWT mimmini in that spoiled Piccie .

Yes Ploops Everything, including the people, here in Oz want to kill humans, is why the government clandestinely approves of *Wolf-Creek Week* and some are suggesting a new even MORE Terrifying version of our cute and beloved Drop-Bear has recently escaped from a Govt. Black-op facility .

Artful Dentures
1st April 10, 11:13 AM
Do Koala's want to kill people?

Cause they suck at it

Spade: The Real Snake
1st April 10, 11:17 AM
Drop Bears.

1st April 10, 11:19 AM

1st April 10, 01:14 PM
The dogs got into the toads again?

1st April 10, 07:58 PM
koalas never kill anyone.

but they try their damnedest.

6th April 10, 06:56 AM
goodness gracious.

Wombat mauls bushfire survivor

A man is recovering in hospital after he was mauled by a wombat at Flowerdale, north-east of Melbourne.

Paramedic Robert Gill said Bruce Kringle, 60, was a survivor of the Black Saturday bushfires and was living in a caravan while he built a new home.

Mr Gill said when the man went to leave the caravan this morning, he found the wombat on his door mat.

"Unfortunately the gentleman stood on the wombat and the wombat proceeded to get rather nasty and attacked him and inflicted some wounds to his lower legs and also to his arms as well," Mr Gill said.

"It took about 20 minutes. He did try to exit the area and get away from the wombat but my belief is that it kept coming at him."

A local resident said the man managed to kill the wombat with an axe.

Mr Gill said other residents had had a run-in with the wombat earlier.

"They were able to exercise caution with him and get rid of him further down the road, but unfortunately the next stop was this gentleman's door mat," he said.

Mr Gill said the man was bitten on the arms and legs and taken to the Northern Hospital in a stable condition.

Mr Kringle's friend, Kelly Smith, said the wombat pulled him to the ground in the attack.

"Apparently it attacked his leg and got him to the ground and started attacking his chest, then Brucey killed the wombat and got taken to hospital in an ambulance," she said.

Jeff McClure from the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) said it was highly unusual for a wombat to attack a person.

"Wombats that are in an advanced stage of mange will become very agitated from the suffering and the irritation of the mange," he said.

He said if wombats are approached or feel threatened they will rush towards someone.

"But it's not known that they will push the attack to where they would physically attack someone."


Yiktin Voxbane
6th April 10, 07:54 AM
then Brucey killed the wombat and got taken to hospital in an ambulance

This makes feel even more Australian .


Yiktin Voxbane
6th April 10, 08:19 AM
As suggested by a banned poster . (http://www.amazingaustralia.com.au/animalattacks.htm)

6th April 10, 10:49 AM
Always check for shoulder patches.

Why was he "standing" on the wombat? Was it an accidental stepping on, or was this a "Hey! A wombat! Check this out, I'm really gonna piss `im off now!"

6th April 10, 11:33 AM

Yiktin Voxbane
7th April 10, 01:52 AM
+ rep for MtG'ing up the thread whilst zero Derailage .