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27th February 10, 01:48 AM
Ok I changed the wording this time from my last thread: http://www.sociocide.com/forums/showthread.php?t=53748 to STATESMAN. Why? Because Statesman are not just politicians, they are people who actively care for their constituency and are there to SERVE those who put them in power.

I present to you Nigel Farage of the UK's Independence Party!

WTFPWNING EU President douche:

WTFPWNING Prime Minister Brown:

On Iraq:

On Immigration:

On Communism (I remember the wall!!!):

WTFPWNING another EU douche and preserving the dignity of another sovereign leader (Czech President Klaus):

- Talks straight
- One of the best orators I've heard in my lifetime who isn't just "speech-talent" but can actually hold a discussion with vigor and passion as well
- Cuts through bureacratic nightmare mess to get to the real issue at hand
- Cares about his country and the will of the people
- Not a douche

Why can't more politicians be statesmen like this?

27th February 10, 11:23 AM
My main problem is he's British so I can't trust my reactions because everything he says sounds educated and witty. He could read and describe that banana comic STEEV displayed and I'd be all, "How delightfully witty. He really sounds like a smart man."

Other than that he's solid on his views and doesn't appear to mind pissing off other politicians. Those are good qualities (at times). I'm confused as to why he works in the EU if he hates it so much. Easier to bring down with a man on the inside?

27th February 10, 12:20 PM
He tries to prevent sovereignity crushing legislation getting passed and uses his MEP status to get hold of documents and statistics etc.. that he wouldn't otherwise be able to get. There are things I distinctly dislike about UKIP though.

My favourite british MEP is Daniel Hannan. This is speech _the_ template for 'educated right-wing brit pwns left-wing clown':-


27th February 10, 02:59 PM
Cullion that was an excellent speech! Thank you for sharing. Is Mr. Hannan also consistent in his views of supporting the people and their will/rights/what's best for them (yes I know that can be argued, but that's what gov't and open forums are for)? Has he stayed clear of corruption? If he is he'd be another person I could lift up and say "this is a statesman".

I admittedly am just jumping into UK politics, so I'm wondering what is it about the UKIP you don't like? Is it their policies regarding grammar schools you mentioned earlier?

27th February 10, 03:18 PM
UKIP often claim to be libertarians but they're too socially conservative for my tastes. Their views on immigration are quite a bit harsher than mine and they support things like banning the burkha, which I don't agree with. I don't think the government has any place telling civilians how to dress.

They're basically the minority party which older middle class people who think the Conservatives have drifted to far to the left tend to vote for.

Daniel Hannan to the best of my knowledge hasn't been involved in any kind of corruption. He's an MEP for our mainstream Conservative party, and he's at the right of the spectrum when it comes to economics and further EU assimilation. He seems relatively libertarian in that he routinely speaks out against overbearing bureaucracy and surveillance methods. He certainly seems like an extremely sharp-witted and intelligent man who I agree with almost 100% in most of the speeches I've seen.

I think it would be premature to call him a great statesman though, because he hasn't yet held high executive office.