View Full Version : Moloko Plus - or clockwork orange's attempt to make you see the fairy

12th February 10, 06:55 PM
http://imgur.com/AYGbn.png...anyone willing to try this and get back to me?

there's a review here (http://www.artofdrink.com/2006/01/cocktail-critic-moloko-plus.php)

and also an alternative drink suggestion:

1 oz Brandy
oz Ricard Pastis
oz Vanilla Liqueur
1 tsp Orgeat
1 egg white
2 oz Milk or Table Cream

Combine all ingredients with ice in shaker and shake until foamy. Garnish with a pear slice.

12th February 10, 08:18 PM
Minus a few ingredients, I may actually try this. Hopefully, it will be better than the other "milk plus" I had.

13th February 10, 10:02 AM

Spade: The Real Snake
13th February 10, 10:45 AM
Partyboy fancies a bit of the ol' in-out-in-out

13th February 10, 12:15 PM
Partyboy fancies a bit of the ol' in-out-in-out