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12th February 10, 06:37 PM
Because of the snow storm, there's very little information so far, but it appears that there were at least two shooters, ie. one female accomplice and another person who's yet to be apprehended. Will keep you abreast of the details until this gets national attention.

EDIT: It appears as though there was a sole female shooter, a professor, who supposedly opened fire on her colleagues when they told her she would not be getting tenure. Three are dead and at least one is seriously injured.

3 killed in Alabama university shooting


Three people were killed and at least one was wounded Friday in a shooting at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, a spokesman for the university said.

A female shooting suspect was in custody, said the spokesman, Ray Garner.
A spokeswoman for Huntsville Hospital said it had received three patients in critical condition from the shooting.

Trent Willis, chief of staff to Mayor Tommy Battle, said the incident occurred about 4:15 p.m. in Shelby Hall, which police were still searching.
"We do have some witnesses," he said.

The 6-year-old, $60 million facility houses the Chemistry Department and is named for U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama and his wife, Dr. Annette Shelby.


Kein Haar
12th February 10, 06:39 PM
Female shooter couldn't even kill anyone.

Grrl powa!

Will keep you abreast of the details until this gets national attention.

O rly?

12th February 10, 06:41 PM
UPDATE: 6:30 PM -- All three fatalities were University of Alabama faculty, according to the School's Twitter page (http://twitter.com/UAHuntsville)
UPDATE: 6:20 PM -- Cops tell (http://twitter.com/BreakingNews/statuses/9030348845) WAFF-TV (http://www.waff.com/Global/story.asp?S=11978812), that the female shooting suspect opened fire at a faculty meeting when she learned that she would not receive tenure.
UPDATE 6:12 PM -- The shooting occurred Friday afternoon in the university's Shelby Center For Science & Technology (http://newinfo.uah.edu/uah/sitefeature/map.php).
UPDATE 5:51 PM -- According to AP, a city spokesman says (http://twitter.com/nbc4i/statuses/9029380267) that a third person is dead. The campus is on lockdown.
5:30 PM --According to local news source WHNT NEWS 19, (http://www.whnt.com/news/whnt-shooting-uahuntsville-021210,0,1970809.story) two are reported dead, two in critical conditions, and and a female suspect is in custody. Story developing...


12th February 10, 06:42 PM
Hey Kein let the bodies cool before you start being a motherfucker, alright?

12th February 10, 06:49 PM
That your campus jim?

12th February 10, 06:56 PM
so the teacher(s) shot other teachers? that's a new one

12th February 10, 07:16 PM
Luckily it is not my campus, but several of my friends went to school there or are from Huntsville. As you all probably know, Huntsville is one of many homes to NASA and has all the attendant technological and engineering industries one would expect. The University in question is primarily one concerned with the above subjects.

Tragically, Madison, a municipality bordering Huntsville, suffered a similar incident just last week.


12th February 10, 07:18 PM
It's those durn vidja games, I tells ya!

12th February 10, 07:25 PM
It's those durn vidja games, I tells ya!

Yeah dog, I even heard they were addicting!

12th February 10, 08:20 PM
Ha ha! I bet she was fat and kind of frumpy/gothy.

Taken alive too... only a girl. Only a god-damn girl.

13th February 10, 04:01 AM
This would never happen if they just gave the teachers guns! Oh wait...

My sister-in-law works for U of Ala, but she's down in Birmingham. I'll have to call her and see what she's heard.

13th February 10, 11:31 AM

Let's not forget what caused the worst university shooting in American history. It wasn't guns, at least not guns in the hands of civilians...

Spade: The Real Snake
13th February 10, 11:58 AM
Let's not forget what caused the worst university shooting in American history.


Kein Haar
13th February 10, 01:50 PM


Wounded Ronin
13th February 10, 06:24 PM
Ha ha! I bet she was fat and kind of frumpy/gothy.

Taken alive too... only a girl. Only a god-damn girl.

Hey, for all you know, the people she shot could have been total bastards, seeing as it was a politically backstabby faculty meeting.

14th February 10, 12:58 AM
On the local news I just watched they said the shooter was mistakenly released because the police chief told the arresting officers to let her go. The chief stated he never said this.

I really hope the local news is wrong about this.

14th February 10, 01:42 AM
That's where my nephews are being raised and educated!! Yay!

14th February 10, 09:14 PM

15th February 10, 05:41 AM
LOL she totally wasted her asshole brother for raping her.

LOL sometimes chavs get PhDs, it would seem.


15th February 10, 07:16 AM
But wait, there's more....

Accused shooter linked to Harvard bomb plot
More details emerge from Alabama professor’s past linking her to cases (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/35397792/ns/us_news-crime_and_courts/)

15th February 10, 12:38 PM
Next up: Apparent Alabama campus shooter is apparently Ted Kazynski, who apparently escaped from prison and disguised himself with a gruesome, self performed surgical sex change.

15th February 10, 12:45 PM
Either that or Emo Phillips


15th February 10, 05:10 PM
The only Emo that makes me smile...

How did this lady's craziness go unnoticed? Are there a bunch of people interviewing right now going, "I had her class - she was a crazy mofo. We all thought she'd kill someone one day."

15th February 10, 10:16 PM
That sucks, Jim.


15th February 10, 10:43 PM
Excellent post Ian.

15th February 10, 10:49 PM
Beautiful. From now I want to hear about mass murderers through 24 hour coverage of how pathetically horrible they were, and as a page ten footnote, mention that they killed some people.

Better yet, take some funny clip of them falling down and make them the laugh highlight of the day. Then for all their work, everyone in the nation will laugh at them. They should create footage of 5th graders pointing at their portrait and laughing hysterically.

15th February 10, 11:25 PM
Ummm, that's the right energy Arj, but what we really need to do is revamp our mental health system to either help or flag these people so they can't kill others.

16th February 10, 04:22 AM
while charlie Brooker took a predominantly British perspective, he understood that the importance of media coverage is more important than than the actual issues at hand

I have finally realized that
school shootings as are more of a media issue rather than a gun issue.

rhese people are the saddest ultimate trolls

19th February 10, 12:50 AM
Shooting lady update, highlighting just how crazy she is once gain.

From Patriot News wire reports:

Students banded together to complain to administrators a year ago about professor Amy Bishop, who is accused of killing three colleagues and wounding three others Friay at a faculty meeting. Students said she taught by reading straight out of the textbook, never made eye contact and liked to constantly remind people that she went to Harvard. Among other revelations that have surfaced about Bishop were that she was charged with assault, battery and disorderly conduct in 2002 after a tirade at a Massachusettes restaurant. Police said she was upset that another patron had received the restaurant's last booster seat. Bishop punched the woman in the head while yelling, "I am Dr. Amy Bishop!" according to a police report. The charges were dismissed after Bishop stayed out of trouble for six months.

Not quite Rick James, but damn.

20th February 10, 07:31 AM
It gets even more strange.... (http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100219/ap_on_re_us/us_ala_university_shooting)

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. The Alabama university professor accused of shooting six colleagues has a genius-level IQ, yet wonders whether she has been fired from her job a clear sign that she has trouble relating to the world, her attorney said Friday.
One week ago, the Harvard-educated Amy Bishop was accused of opening fire at a faculty meeting at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, killing three co-workers and injuring three others. She is remorseful, but doesn't recall pulling the trigger, said her attorney, Roy W. Miller. She exhibits signs of mental illness and needs evaluations, he said.
"Something's wrong with this lady, OK?" Miller said, laying the groundwork for a potential insanity defense during a news conference.
Later, Miller lectured Bishop's husband James Anderson in front of the media for more than five minutes, pleading with him to quit talking to reporters about his wife. Miller said Anderson might hurt Bishop's case.
Anderson has said he and Bishop went to a shooting range in the weeks before the killings and has given varying accounts of where she might have gotten the handgun used in the shootings.
Anderson has called his wife a "dedicated, loving mother" and said they fell in love over similar interests of science, music, reading and writing. But he said he doesn't know his wife's birthday.
"You never ask a woman her age and you never ask her her weight," Anderson said.
Court records say Bishop is 45; school records have her as 44.
Bishop is being held without bond on charges of capital murder and attempted murder.
District Attorney Robert Broussard said prosecutors have not decided whether to seek the death penalty if Bishop is convicted. Under Alabama law, the only other possible punish for a capital offense is life without parole.
Miller said Bishop breaks down and cries during their talks in the county jail. She wants to see her four children and was worried about her position at the university.
"She said, 'Do I still have a job out there?' She asked me that yesterday," Miller said. "She said, 'Do you know if I have a job? I assume they fired me. Did they fire me?'"
University officials have said she remains on the payroll, but her $83,000-a-year job was ending at the end of the semester because she was denied tenure.
Miller said he hasn't discussed the tenure decision with Bishop at length, but during an earlier interview with The Associated Press he said she was "very distraught and concerned over that tenure."
Bishop, who has a doctorate from Harvard and has taught at the University of Alabama in Huntsville since 2003, apparently was incensed that a lesser-known school rejected her for what amounted to a lifetime job.
Anderson told ABC's "Good Morning America" he also thought the failed tenure battle was involved.
"Only someone who has been intricately involved with that fight understands what a tough, long, hard battle (it is). ... That I would say is part of the problem, is a factor," he said in an interview aired Friday.
Broussard, the district attorney, said his office had yet to review Bishop's troubled past, including when she shot her younger brother to death in 1986. Authorities in Massachusetts ruled that killing accidental, though State Police officials said Friday they will review their agency's investigation.
Since the Alabama shootings, questions have been raised about why Bishop did not face any charges a quarter-century ago after she fled the house after killing her brother and allegedly pointed the gun at people at a nearby car dealership's body shop.
In Bishop's only public comments since the Alabama shooting, the professor told a reporter after her arrest that her university colleagues were still alive. Miller said Bishop now knows three people were killed.
"It tears her up. She's eaten up about what she's done," he said.


Um... How soon before there's a Law & Order episode based on this one?

20th February 10, 02:35 PM
Screw your TV mind - this is a book. When did she kill her brother? Was it before or after the doctorate? Damn - I'm hooked. The spiralling descent to madness - was the plummet from Harvard to Hunstville that cracked her? Was she already broken inside? That article writer should get a Pulitzer.

Worst part - lady wondering if she still has her job is mentioned at the start as a clear sign of mental distress, yet when asking the universtiy they say she still has her job!

I had a math professor at NAU that was from MIT. He used to wear a shirt that read "Not everyone can make it into Boston University." I never realized how close to death I was.

24th February 10, 05:23 PM
She's clearly got issues, but insanity? I have doubts. She was pissed off because she was denied tenure. She went and killed a bunch of the people responsible for it.