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10th February 10, 04:56 PM
http://www1.sulekha.com/mstore/jimankan/albums/default/meatloaf.jpgNo, not him... How about something to stick to your ribs on a snowy day? Or when you just want some GHP! Ready?

Lipton Onion soup mix has a basic recipe on the inner package, but we're gonna kick it up farther....

Get a large metal bowl and put the soup mix in. Add whichever of these you have or use your imagination unless that would be fatal to your meatloaf...
Mrs. Dash
Dried Soup Greens (Celery flakes, more onion, tomato pepper)
Ranch dressing powder
Worcestershire sauce
BBQ Sauce or ketchup

Amounts on the above depend on how much meat you're using to feed how many folks. You can always add an egg if it's too dry.

Add the meat, which can be ground beef or the good old beef/pork/veal mix or any combination. Mix until it's nice and blended. Yes, it should be messy.

Now you add the breadcrumbs. Plain or seasoned or homemade, whatever you like. The mixture should be less sticky and more like hamburgers/meatballs at this point.

Now the fun part! Get a LARGE baking dish, glass is easier to work with and clean but you'll make her wash it, won'cha?

So GENTLY press the meat into the glass dish in a layer about an inch thick and grab some shredded cheese. Mild, sharp, whatever kind you like. Put it along the center of the meat, avoiding the side edges.

GENTLY roll the mess up like a jelly roll, trying not to let it break or have the cheese escape. When it's rolled up, lift it and shift it 90 degrees, seal the edges and shape it more to the pan, but not all the way to the edges.

Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for at least an hour or until browned and yadda yadda whatever the meat thermometer says is safe for ground meat.

Grab a hunk and go watch some TV!

10th February 10, 09:51 PM
What is GHP?

11th February 10, 12:27 AM

11th February 10, 06:14 AM
What is GHP?

Good, Hot & Plenty of it!

Robot Jesus
18th February 10, 12:40 AM
skip the loaf pan, a free form loaf can be easily assembled, cooks far faster and sears on all sides but one.

once i used ground mushrooms as a binding agent, it was quite tasty.

18th February 10, 07:04 AM
I don't use a loaf pan. More like one of those either 10x14 or 10x15 roasting pans. Press the rolled mess into a football sort of shape. Mushrooms, tomato, sauteed spinach or lots of stuff can be rolled in with the cheese, btw.

I've also heard of using rolled oats instead or with the breadcrumbs is interesting.

18th February 10, 04:29 PM
Kiko, could you possibly add a pic or two so I understand how it's supposed to look?

Meatloaf isn't a common meal here in the UK, so I'd appreciate some visual guidlines.

18th February 10, 05:04 PM
I didn't take any. The meat mixture should have the filling rolled first like a jelly roll, then the ends tucked in and turn it 90 degrees in the pan. Does that make more sense?

18th February 10, 05:07 PM
I'm thinking more about texture, colour and tone than shape.


Is this what we're aiming for in those terms ?

You're talking to somebody who's never seen meatloaf in real life. I know it's strange to read somebody not having a clue about something that might be a common meal where you're from, but I'm from another continent, and have never visited North America.

Meatloaf is even more alien to me than haggis or steak and kidney pie are to you, because whilst we speak the same language and watch your films we don't have 'theme pubs' which serve versions of it like you do for Irish/Scots/English food.

18th February 10, 05:10 PM
Yes, that's the end product texture. The ground meat mixture should be the same texture as you'd use to make meatballs. Not too sticky/wet, but moist enough that it won't bake into a brick and you can shape it. Dry meatloaf is legendarily terrible. The filling will help with that and it's alright if the cheese escapes a bit.

19th February 10, 01:27 AM
Ugh, rolled oats will ruin the texture, which would be particularly tragic if you went to the expense of adding ground veal. Stick with breadcrumbs.

Oat/Breadcrumbs/crackermeal is only used as a binding agent, not filler. Filler in meatloaf is for white trash, apropos of this month or not. Stick to minimal amounts of binding agent with a fine, consistent texture and neutral flavor. Oats don't meet those requirements.

FWIW, I usually roll mine jelly roll style, with provolone, flat-leaf parsley, golden raisins and toasted pine nuts.

Yiktin Voxbane
19th February 10, 02:23 AM

Robot Jesus
19th February 10, 04:42 AM
to be fair meat loaf was created to stretch out the meat with the fillers, twas born of poetry and want. what you describe would indeed be tasty, but the authentic texture is also something to savored.

and buffalo would work better in the instance then veal.