View Full Version : my posts don't show up in "new posts"

Ming Loyalist
30th December 09, 12:00 PM
for some reason, my posts are ignored by the "new posts" button, but show up if you browse the forums.

is this because i never registered or my account was not flagged or something?

30th December 09, 12:34 PM
Sociocide runs a bit differently than Bullshido in this regard. When you have viewed a thread it drops from the "new posts" list and posting in a thread assumes you have viewed it, hence it drops from the "new posts" list as well (even though you added a new post). Make sense?

Be assured that your new post pops up for everyone else when we click the "new post" button. ;)

Ming Loyalist
30th December 09, 12:38 PM
ahhh, that makes sense. thanks.

i should have thought of that when i noticed that my user cp doesn't list any threads that i have read.

30th December 09, 12:51 PM
e.g. your posts showed up in this case