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30th December 09, 01:21 AM
I've realized that all of my blue jeans have substantial and ever-growing holes in them, and I'll probably be looking to get a new pair once spring rolls around and leather pants weather ends.
So I'm browsing around on eBay, and I find these guys (http://cgi.ebay.com/MEN-NWT-BRAND-LUXURY-AJ-DARK-BLUE-JEANS-D-G-W29L34_W0QQitemZ170425745369QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUS_ CSA_MC_Jeans?hash=item27ae2a7fd9):
Now, my first reaction to these pants is "a hundred and forty dollars, fuck off." My second reaction is, "holy shit, these pants look like they're made of lightning. I should probably make a funkyzeit thread about this."
Anyways, I basically want to tap some of Mega Jesus-Chan's ungodly knowledge of denim to point me in the right direction for new blue jeans. Specifically if you can point me towards some other awesome lightning jeans that don't cost two months worth of gym and dojo fees.

Ming Loyalist
30th December 09, 11:31 AM
MJS will probably have lots of advice for you, but i will give a few pointers:

1) the "lightning" effect is that of what are referred to as high contrast fades, and can be gotten through pre-distressing the jeans by the manufacturer (99% of the time this looks horrible) or through buying the jeans raw (unwashed) and then wearing them with as infrequent washing as possible.

it should be noted that not all brands will fade as well as others, and usually the ones with the great fades are expensive as all hell. high friction areas like the knees, lap and back of the knees will fade to white over time and with wear.

2) if your main concern is that your jeans are wearing out quickly, i would go with something like heavyweight dickies or carhart jeans, as the denim is pretty sturdy at a reasonable price. in general you may want to go with a higher weight jean (they are measured in .oz, levis are like 10oz-12oz, heavy jeans are usually more like 19oz, and some crazy people in japan make 21oz and 24oz denim, but that's more like wearing armor than jeans. i got some 19oz jeans and am very happy with them now that they have broken in a bit. it should be noted that higher weight jeans tend to fade better than low weight jeans.

if you don't want to shell out for $200 jeans, then i would suggest getting some of the "unbranded brand" from urban outfitters. they are $80 and are japanese denim, and with some wear they should fade well. an alternative is uniqlo jeans but if you don't live in nyc, london or tokyo, you may be out of luck for those.

remember. to get really high contrast fades - don't wash them unless they smell bad, wear them every day, and after 6-12 months you should have something pretty nice. here are some decent ones, if i find any more extreme ones i will post them too:


you might wonder why people think pre-faded jeans look bad. here's why - natural wear patterns are individual to the each pair as they fit the person wearing them. each pair of jeans will develop folds in the fabric as they mold to your body. if the fades are done at the factory then they won't match your body. this is especially hilarious when you see very short men with cuffed or hemmed jeans where the fades designed to be at the back of the knees are at the calves or ankles.

not a good look.

Lights Out
30th December 09, 05:23 PM
Those jeans in Ming Loyalist's post look great.

That's the exact tone I like most on jeans.

31st December 09, 02:48 PM
Levi's rigid or STF or Cheap Monday raws or Unbranded's anything.

You don't need to leave them unwashed, it just makes the fades more contrasty. I wouldn't recommend washing them after every wear though, because with denim it's just a waste of time, water, and detergent, and because they do come out pretty boring looking that way.