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17th December 09, 12:24 PM

Chris Henry Dead; Latest Tragic Loss for Bengals
By Robert Dougherty
Chris Henry was pronounced dead after 6 a.m. this morning. However, the news that Chris Henry is dead was just made public, bringing a tragic end to a shocking story. The Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver was put on life support last night after falling out of a pickup truck, then died soon after. A 'domestic dispute' was linked to Henry's fall, and questions about what happened will hang over this tragedy. But no matter what, Henry's death is yet another horrible loss for the Bengals' family.
Chris Henry has died under very questionable circumstances, with his fiancée at the center of it. According to police, Henry and fiancée, Loleini Tonga, were fighting late last night, even as Tonga was getting into her pickup truck. Authorities claim that Henry jumped into the bed of the pickup, and at some point, fell out of it.
Henry was put on life support, but passed away at 6:36 a.m., according to reports. The news was released about an hour ago, stunning the Bengals' community. With Chris Henry dead, it is the second major loss for the Bengals team, after the wife of defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer died a few months ago.
In the case of Henry, his current path reflected that of his team. He was one of the many Cincinnati players who faced multiple arrests over the years. His legal troubles overshadowed a promising career, and even got him released from Cincinnati in 2008. But later that year, they took him back.
Henry was a third round draft pick from West Virginia, who had 22 touchdowns in one year. But it was only now that he started to show his potential, as he had rebuilt his life and become a dangerous weapon again. Much as the Bengals finally started to overcome their off-field and on-field reputation this year to become winners, Henry experienced a similar comeback.
However, his on-field comeback was damaged when he suffered a dislocated forearm on November 9. Henry was put on injured reserve, which is why he was in North Carolina in the first place, planning his wedding to Tonga. The two had raised three kids together, but now Tonga will be under intense scrutiny for their last night together, and why they fought.
Now that Chris Henry is dead, at the age of 26, the Bengals face another tragic element to a year that should be one for celebration. Cincinnati is a playoff team and a likely division champion, with a big game against San Diego this weekend. But their revival means a little less without Mike Zimmer's wife and Chris Henry there.
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Sad. The folks here in Cincy are really upset. Only 26, though. Just a baby.