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22nd October 09, 03:18 AM
30 hardened professional assassins. 24 hours. Kill, or Die.


Already on dvd, somehow this one slipped past me.

Ving Rhames, Kelly Hu, Robert Carlyle, lots of guns, cool fight scenes, and over-the-top gore.

It's basically the Condemned except in britan instead of on a tropical island, and with assassins instead of convicts.

just started it, so far i'm enjoying it.

Spade: The Real Snake
22nd October 09, 11:12 AM
I like these kinds of movies and hate myself for watching them.
I will need to rent this.

22nd October 09, 03:23 PM
worth a rental if you like seeing exploding bodies.

22nd October 09, 04:43 PM
Since reading the Running Man - I am somehow wired to watching these movies. Not complaining.

23rd October 09, 12:36 AM
I'm going to get my hands on it...as soon as I've finished my last uni assignment this weekend :)

23rd October 09, 02:35 AM
somebody should make a running man video game based on the original steven king short story, as opposed to the arnold schwarzenegger movie.

i was a bit disappointed about halfway through the film; there's supposed to be all these killers killing each other but the director mostly focuses on the main characters and they just sort of fast-forward the other guys. could have been done better. maybe there will be a directors cut. ending was still good though.

23rd October 09, 08:44 AM
Robert Carlyle as a priest? I'm there.

23rd October 09, 03:52 PM
i <3 begbie. he is great in this movie.

23rd October 09, 04:38 PM
Usually he is. I had almost completely written off 28 Weeks Later until I realized he peppered his incoherent zombie grunting and growling with explitives.

Gotta watch him on Stargate Universe. He's kind of a pussy, but he pretty damn funny.

25th October 09, 07:56 PM
Bus chase scene!

25th October 09, 09:56 PM
Yeah, I like Battle Royale a lo-- wait, what are we talking about? Oh, a shitty American remake? Nevermind.

26th October 09, 03:47 AM
you mean the japanese movie battle royale?


this is not even close to battle royale. similar concept, i'll give you that. not a remake.

26th October 09, 03:52 AM
oh snap the tournament is actually a UK produced film! in your face poops!!! *touchdown dance*

28th October 09, 03:26 AM
just watched it again. despite knowing how it ends it's still good a second time. i noticed they cheaped out a bit and recycled some footage in a small sequence and it kinda pissed me off but whatever it's still a badass action movie.

28th October 09, 10:31 AM
I want to see this..
I actually started to write a screenplay similiar to this about ten years ago, but in my version there were only 5 assassins.
Too bad I didn't finish it and make millions..