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Dark Helmet
21st October 09, 04:50 PM
Dr Julius No.

The first James Bond villain in the film series. The first opponent of James Bond. Julius No joined the criminal organization Specter. His first mission was to bring down American military and scientific satellites fired from Cap Canaveral. James bond was sent by 'M' to investigate the murders of MI6 agents.

Dr No offered James Bond a position within Specter but was politely declined. After being thwarted and losing his private island in the Caribbean. Dr No then moved around Europe and North America until arriving in Montreal a few years later and changed his name to Docteur Julien Non. Under his new alias he served as an Obstetrician/pediatrician for 30 years until recently retiring.


Joseph Wiseman, the Canadian-born actor best known for his deliciously evil portrayal of the James Bond villain, Dr. No, passed away yesterday at age 91. Wiseman appeared in a slew of Broadway productions, television shows, and movies such as Viva Zapata! with Marlon Brando and The Unforgiven with Burt Lancaster. But he will always be remembered for locking horns with Sean Conneryís agent 007 in 1962ís Dr. No. Wisemanís character, a mad scientist with an arsenal of fiendishly wry quips, a charter membership in SPECTRE, and a nasty atomic-powered radio-beam weapon, became the prototypical Bond villain. Later in his life, the reclusive actor said of his most famous role: ďI had no idea what I was letting myself in for. I had no idea it would achieve the success that it did. I know nothing about mysteries. I donít take to them. As far as I was concerned, I thought it might be just another Grade-B Charlie Chan mystery.Ē How wrong he was.

Itís hard to imagine what the subsequent 007 movies would have looked like without his invention of the Bond baddie archetype. But we suspect they wouldnít have been nearly as enduring or indelible. Donít believe us? Just take a look at this clip from the film where Connery (in a sweet Nehru jacket) and Ursula Andressí foxy Honey Rider square off with Dr. No in his groovy island lair.

Was Dr. No your favorite Bond villain PopWatchers? What are some of Wisemanís most moments?


Spade: The Real Snake
21st October 09, 05:30 PM
It had to be Dr. No and not Goldfinger.

+squirrels away "NO I EXPECT YOU TO DIE" macro+