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13th October 09, 10:50 PM
Ok, I really like chocolate chip cookies when they are soft and yummy and good.

However, every brand of "soft baked" cookie I've ever bought has been so disgustingly full of preservatives, every time I try a new brand I feel like I'm being mummified from the inside out. It is NOT a good feeling.

This includes:

Chips Ahoy!
and that really expensive brand that only has like 4 large cookies per bag.

All of them taste terrible. I can cook up a decent batch of chocolate chip cookies myself or the Nestle brand of dough-mix (not the bags of refrig dough) is good to use. However, sometimes you just want to eat a cookie without all that work. I've found out that coffee places sell some amazing soft chocolate chip cookies but charge freaking $2 per cookie! That is unacceptable!

There has to be something out there :-/

Spade: The Real Snake
13th October 09, 10:58 PM
Have you tried the Trader Joe's cookies?

13th October 09, 11:04 PM
Never heard of them.

14th October 09, 12:13 AM
Coffee places usually make terrible cookies I find.

If only you had a "real canadian superstore" around you. Go find the "farmers market" cookies. Very soft, very rich. Not exactly chewy though...

14th October 09, 05:21 AM
if you're in the chicago area, try Matt's cookies.

it's like... 3 bucks for 2 lbs, they're so soft, chewy, and YUMMY. almost as good as homemade.

pepperidge farm is okay. i like their snickerdoodles and oatmeal cookies. their chocolate chip cookies are pretty tasty too.

srsly, though... nothing beats homemade and freshly baked.

warm, chewy cookie washed down with an ice cold glass of milk....


Spade: The Real Snake
14th October 09, 10:28 AM
Here (http://www.cherylandco.com/)

14th October 09, 11:10 AM
You could check to see if your local supermarkets have decent bakery sections. Hell, even BJs has some double chocolate chip and white chocolate macadamia that last oh, about a day or two in this house...