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11th October 09, 10:13 PM
London Philharmonic Orchestra (final night in Sydney)
Conductor: Vladimir Jurowski
Pianist: Jean-Yves Thibaudet
First violin: Vadim Repin
Date: Friday, 9th October 2009
Venue: Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House


The Isle of the Dead - Rachmaninov
Piano Concerto in G - Ravel
Symphony No. 4 - Tchaikovsky


On a windy, rain-filled night we were ushered into the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House to our cosy seats in the choir gallery, chosen because we would have a direct view of the conductor, Maestro Jurowski, throughout the programme.

Jurowski's name alone and the interest music audiences over the world have for him was part of the sensation for the crowd. The 37 year old Russian is one of the youngest conductors on the world stage at the moment. He lived up to his enigmatic image, dressed in a designer suit, t-shirt underneath, wild hair flying and hands so mesmeric as he conducted the complex performances.


The performances were just brilliant, Jurowski transported us, breath-taken through a varied musical landscape of emotions and the audience of nearly 10,000 must have applauded for what seemed like 15 minutes non-stop at the end. A touch of fun was added at the end as the venue attendees gave us streamers to flood the stage, the orchestra players definitely loved that and it was nice interacting so closely with the musicians sitting just 2 metres in front of us.

We were treated to an encore performance of another Tchaikovsky piece and Thibaudet also played a piano solo (Chopin's Etude). The French-pianist is a favourite among Australian music-goers and was showered with adoration by all, he is a star in his own right. His youthful and mischief energy is at once transformed into one of the most evocative and tender interpretations when his hands touch the piano keys. Just sublime and reminds any musician in the audience what true dedication is. He has a CD out right now so will have to buy and listen to it.

http://www.charlestoncitypaper.com/imager/weekend_events_rocky_horror_show_skinful_halloween _jean_yves_thibaudet/b/original/1155131/03fa/unknown.jpg

The pieces were arranged beautifully (the previous two nights focused on the Baroque and Classical era). I think most of the audience held their breath during the first piece, Jurowski seems to command that attention and demands absolute focus and silence. He spoke not a word but at the end of the second piece (Ravel) where he called up some of the key players of the piece for applause. Jurowski literally had us at the edge of our seats during the Ravel performance and at the conclusion it was not even a split second when the rapturous applause just thundered through the concert hall.

There were so many highlights within the orchestra itself, the first violin, violas and woodwind sections my personal favourites. The London Orchestra were just a group of consummate professionals who took direction wonderfully and to state the obvious, technically brilliant.

If anyone gets a chance to attend a performance conducted by Maestro Jurowski, I hope they don't hesitate to take it. I could have sat through the same performance a hundred times over. FIVE STARS.

bornsceptic - look up all the names in this post, you might find something you like.

tl;dr version - Vladimir Jurowski and London Orchestra rock Lily's world. Go and watch them.

11th October 09, 10:15 PM
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12th October 09, 12:38 AM
Nice review, glad you had a good time.