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Spade: The Real Snake
8th October 09, 01:30 PM
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According to today’s Variety (http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118009685.html?categoryId=10&cs=1&nid=2248), Sony is prepping to make a Venom flick — you remember, the bad guy Topher Grace (and a whole mess of CGI) played in Spider-Man 3 — to be written and directed by Seabiscuit’s Gary Ross. I find myself wondering: What’s a worse idea, Venom or Elektra 2: Sai Anything?

Venom is popular in the pages of Spider-Man comics, and has been for years. But with Spider-Man 3 being universally criticized as the weak link in Sam Raimi’s trilogy, and Venom being a chief instrument of that lameness, I can’t help but puzzle at the wisdom of spinning off a whole movie based around a character audiences didn’t seem to care for in the first place.

Of course, this will be a reboot, one that refashions Venom/Eddie Brock from the ground up, with a new actor (since Grace is heading to the jungle for Robert Rodriguez’s Predators). And Ross is a solid filmmaker, who must’ve wowed the Sony brass with his rewrite for Spider-Man 4 to put him in line for this gig — otherwise, how else to explain the leap from equestrian elegy to costumed fisticuffs? — but I’m just not feeling it.

I don’t care about who Eddie Brock was that made him so eager to give himself to a puddle of alien goop. I don’t care to see him refitted as the tragic hero — because that’s what’ll happen, as we’re in Hollywood, and they don’t make movies starring the villain. Yes, I know the key to a good Big Bad is that they have to believe they’re doing the right thing; that in their heads, they’re the hero of the story. Doesn’t mean I need to see that story. Can’t we just let bad guys be bad guys?

What do you think? Is Venom a good idea, a bad idea, or a bad idea you’d still be willing to pay to see?

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Eh, maybe. I'll probably watch this as I am a comic whore and I don't get to go to the movies as often as I like. I have a backlog of films I want/ed to see (Gamer, Inglorious, Zombieland, that other Gerard Butler film, Paranormal, Surrogates, Pandorum) but not many of them are ones we can take a child to. He loves going to the movies so we tend to make selections based on what we all can see first, and what we want to see second (yes Tom, except for Terminator: Salvation).

Generally, I will watch these other films at home, at night, usually in halves after training while I eat.

Ok, so I KNOW technically, this isn't Disney. But I wish to level fault at Disney, it pleases me to do this so I blame Disney.

Secondly, this can go either way....but I am really figuring it will land in the side of "Suck"

Thirdly, HOTDAMMIT PREDATORS LOOKS LIKE THE SHIT YO! Predator has become a pretty nice little franchise. The first movie, of course was the best. I like the second, so sue me. The AVPs were pretty damned decent, too. I could do without Nose Brody and Bleachy McTopher, but Robert Rodriguez nursing his broken heart over losing that little hottie Rose McGowan and Danny Trejo makes this much more appealing.

Add a UFC fighter, the wife of the dude from Redbelt and a dude that was in the only Karate Kid movie to star an Acadamy Award winner and not Danial-san....and you might have a decent flick.

8th October 09, 02:54 PM
Sony is making this? It will of course, suck balls then.

8th October 09, 05:17 PM
I wonder if brain eating will occur?

8th October 09, 07:40 PM
I thought Eddie Brock Venom was tragic/a good guy in the end? Right up until the symbiote binded with Mac Gargan.

Good news for comic fans! A new Antivenom series has started!

8th October 09, 08:12 PM
I thought Eddie Brock Venom was tragic/a good guy in the end? Right up until the symbiote binded with Mac Gargan.

Eddie Brock was a whiny little bitch who was jealous of Parker. Whereas Peter resisted the suit because it was making him do bad things and touching him in the naughty place, Eddie embraced it. I can't remember what exactly his goal was, but I do remember Spiderman getting sucker punched a lot because he couldn't sense Venom coming.

So yeah, he seems like a general asshole to me. I remember him teaming up with Spiderman in the video game Maximum Carnage, oh, and Separation Anxiety. But I can't see him pulling off a Jesus in the movie.

Spade: The Real Snake
8th October 09, 10:52 PM
needs more Cletus Cassidy

9th October 09, 12:53 AM
Once Venom got his own comic, he became an anti-hero much like Ghost Rider. Before that the only "good" quality he had was he really only wanted to kill Peter - he wasn't into causing general harm and mayhem. A little unexpected since during the parent-clone story arc, Eddie Brock tells the symbiote that Peter was the reason they ever got together, and that he owes him for that. I think his exact words were "we should kiss Parker's still-beating heart after we rip it from his chest, and before we devour it."

If they do this, my money's on having Carnage as the main bad guy.

9th October 09, 08:10 AM
I thought Brock being a whiney bitch was a movie-thing only. Oh well! Antivenom is supposed to be a pretty solid character.

I like Gargan's Venom. He's apeshit fucking crazy, like an animal. Whenever the Thunderbolts were getting whomped too badly they'd just send Venom in, who would eat all the enemies (and some civilians for good measure) and then get put back in his box.

9th October 09, 12:52 PM
I'll have to look up this antivenom guy.

9th October 09, 12:59 PM
I like the new direction for Venom too. The whole I'm anti-hero, but only when a) I'm not in the process of escaping or b) Spiderman isn't around got kinda old. Gargan's venom is a good balance of wit and pure id. Ah, Warren Ellis' contributions to the Thunderbolts are a deeply missed.

BTW, 5 buck says Venom is identical plotwise to the Hulk Reboot except with Venom and Carnage.

Spade: The Real Snake
9th October 09, 01:15 PM
BTW, 5 buck says Venom is identical plotwise to the Hulk Reboot except with Venom and Carnage.