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3rd October 09, 10:40 AM
Last night, while wandering around downtown Kalamazoo, a man dressed as a zombie handed me a flier for a play going on that evening; Evil Dead: The Musical.
Needless to say, I immediately called up the friends I had made plans with for that night, and suggested that we go see said play instead. Half of them already had tickets.
It was fucking awesome. Like, God-In-The-Old-Testament awesome. I am filled with awe of the sheer beauty and brilliance of that play.
The play recounts the events of the original Evil Dead film from 1981, in a series of broadway-style musical numbers. They even have a chorus of people dressed as evil trees by the side of the stage.
The songs themselves were quite entertaining and captured everything that splatterpunk musical theater should be, with catchy titles like "Ode to an Accidental Stabbing" and "What the Fuck Was That."
The musical has a website here (http://vancouver.evildeadthemusical.com/) with some footage of the Vancouver production.
It's amazing. You should see it if you can.
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3rd October 09, 11:00 AM
so first harry potter now evil dead?

not bad.

3rd October 09, 11:34 AM
They have the laughing moose! But why did they need to say it was this decade's RHPS? Don't go typecasting yourself so early into a run.

3rd October 09, 12:01 PM

A friend of mine is one of the writers. It's actually pretty good.

Artful Dentures
3rd October 09, 01:50 PM
This actually started here in Toronto as a one off thing that became huge

5th October 09, 01:43 AM
Needs moar Bruce Campbell Bruce Campbell's chin.