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28th September 09, 11:34 PM
Just watched this on Hulu, and my first impression is that it has potential (for one season anyway). If anyone hasn't seen the ads or heard the hype, it's based on a novel of the same name by Robert J. Sawyer. The premise is that everyone around the world blacks out at the same time for the same amount of time. The reason for this is unknown. During the blackout, it appears that almost everyone has a vision of six months into the future.

I don't want to give away more than that, though I must say I'm disappointed with the advertising for it, because if you've seen the commercials you've basically seen everything you need to in the first episode. The main character is played by Joseph Fiennes (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001212/), with supporting roles from Lt. Zulu redux John Cho (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0158626/) and Sonya Walger (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0907427/). Naturally, being a 21st century TV show, the lesser supporting roles will quickly fill out and have their own story threads for all of us to become entranced in.

So far, I think the main plot is being well done, and the hypothetical is being brought to life well. The characters do a good job of trying to react to this while still giving off an aura of not quite believing it really happened. The only other things I want to talk about are specifics, so I'm gonna go ahead and spoiler the rest of my post.

The only thing I thought missing - and which I fully expect to see as the show progresses - is a lack of religious response. Also, while I don't know statistics of how many planes are landing at any given time, I would imagine a plane in flight to be rather safe from event as they are usually on autopilot except for takeoff and landing. I'm glad they kept the image of planes dropping from the sky to a minimum. I'm curious as to see where they are leading with cellular usage being completely gone for a while as well - I expect it will be a clue as to how the whole world blacked out at the same time. Perhaps they used the cell signals to affect people's brains?

They gave us plenty of water cooler talk fodder what with the dead daughter being shown alive (are all the visions accurate?), the partner not having a vision (can this be avoided? does it mean he dies?) the investigation starting because it was happening in the vision (self-fulfilling prophecy? was the event caused or accidental? conspiracy?), and the broken marriage. Ultimately it all points to the question that plagues all mankind - free will. Do we have a destiny? Can we change our paths? Do we have any control at all?

The end of the first episode gave us a great focal point for our confusion: at least one person didn't black out. Was he/she responsible? Immune? No matter what the case, we now have a reason to watch upcoming episodes and find out who this person was, and whether there are more of them.

Oh yes, one more thing. Anyone else give a knowing smirk at the idea of creating a website to gather the anecdotal evidence of the visions? Like just because it was a world event, Anonymous and the trolls will behave. "I saw Cthulhu!" "I was raping a dead grandmother shoved in the anus of a pig!" "I was the pig!" "I was the dead grandmother!" I wouldn't want the job of sorting through that mess to look for patterns. How would you verify what was corroboration and what was hivemind trolling?

29th September 09, 11:32 AM
...So I'm the only one who watched this show?

29th September 09, 02:45 PM
Got it recorded. Will be watching it tomorrow night (probably), so I'll give my opinions then.

Dark Helmet
29th September 09, 04:52 PM
...So I'm the only one who watched this show?
I watched it also. I got to say I noticed Bu t I wasn't too bothered by the lack or mention of religious talk. There was a very fleeting mention of the end of the world. But the writers didn't go into that. I can't see how they can ignore the religious aspect since it could infact help move the story a long and more importantly for ABC. Religious people make-up a lot of that networks audience.

I've been watching commercials for it for so long now that I figured "what the hell'? I'll watch the first show". I had mixed feelings about it. It could develop into a great show. But this sort of thing doesn't usually kick off well on ABC.

However, I've been wrong before.

Edit: LOL, the Kangaroo in the street!

30th September 09, 10:36 AM
Edit: LOL, the Kangaroo in the street!

Definitely one of the more surreal moments just because it was so "normal." I wonder if it will become important later on, or if it was just "hey look, the zoo was affected too."

30th September 09, 02:35 PM
Ok, seen it now. I missed the kangeroo, I may have just looked away at that point. 2 issues I saw with continuity, planes just don't drop out of the sky, auto pilots and all that, and what was she doing having a scan at 10pm - is that normal in the US, its not here!

In general though, so far looks interesting. I fully expect it to go the way of lost though, where not much really happens for the first 14 episodes and I get bored and stop watching...

1st October 09, 12:04 AM
planes just don't drop out of the sky, auto pilots and all that,]
Agreed, but landing and take-off don't have auto pilot. I would guess helicopters do, but I don't know.
[quote] and what was she doing having a scan at 10pm - is that normal in the US, its not here!
Didn't catch that - you're right. But if you were doubting a vision, then panic at the last second...

3rd October 09, 01:51 AM
So apparently the stadium was full at 8 AM...

My biggest problem right now is that people are treating what they saw as a bad thing. With the exception of Lt. Zulu Demitri, why not think that what's going on is the key to success, rather than one of the million ways it could be bad?

Also, I would try to test the vision by something minor, like taking the post of "friendship bracelet" off the board and in a drawer or taped to the side, with a note that says not to return it. You keep the info but see if you can affect the actions and hopefully keep outcome alteration to a minimum.

...was her childhood toy named "Screw You?"

Can't Olivia's feelings be of mutual concern over the patient? Why does she immediately think she was romantically involved?

"The judge will; he's my father-in-law."
Yay! Nepotism is OK when you're the good guys!

Five bucks says the baby is Dimitri's.

Dark Helmet
3rd October 09, 10:44 AM
It's only the second episode in and I already noticed contradictions. While Joseph Fiennes character's vision takes place at night. Everyone else's seems to be at radom times in the day. Does that mean the other people are in different parts of the world. In John Choo's case why doesn't he just assume he was asleep during the vision?

So, far the show is gripping me.

Ps. Sonya Walger is hot.

10th October 09, 02:02 PM
I really don't understand why Mark can't understand that he's creating the future he saw. He's putting himself in the future he saw - a future where everything on the board so far has not solved the case, and he's alone in a dark room with masked men who outgun him. If you saw yourself hanging with a suicide note in your hand on letterhead paper, would you go out and buy that letterhead paper? Does he think the vision he saw was a good one?

Of course, considering Ancient Greek thought on this, I would say the actions you specifically take to avoid the future you saw will be the ones that cause it.

If I was a guard of the Nazi dude, I would've told him "Congratulations on being set free. Please remove all your clothing and step into the showers so you can be cleaned before travel. Be sure to keep all your clothes and belongings together so that they are easy to find when you are finished."

I wish they hadn't shown the big device in Somalia at the end. I liked knowing that it happned before and thus much more likely caused by someone, but I was thinking of multiple possibilities like airborne pathogen as well. Creators should keep it a bit more open-ended.

I give it two episodes before Dimitri tells his fiance about not seeing anything.

23rd November 09, 12:49 AM
Anyone else still watching this? I'm a few episodes back, but they just had the first major change in the present to affect the visions. One of the agents who distinctly had a vision has killed himself in order to stop what he saw from coming true. He saw himself saying he killed someone, so he wrote a note to the persona dn said in so many words I'm dying so you live. If it were me, I would've let as many people know as possible, to show them that you can still change the future.

Of course, they go some lame ass way and bring him back, but hopefully this is the single event that butterflies out and changes what happens to a satisying ending.

23rd November 09, 05:11 AM
Still watching. Quite interesting really, I like Merry in it and his interaction with Commadore Norrington have been good so far. Going to interesting to see what he does after loosing their card game...

I'm also quite liking the whole shady military mercenaries/Blackwater side of it so far. Theres got to be a link but its not coming up yet.