View Full Version : Oh I'm going to fncking kill you Topman.

26th September 09, 08:27 PM
When it comes to budget fashunz, there's a couple brands that get passed around a lot. Topman is one of them, and while I never found them to be a very good budget brand I never found them horribly offensive until fairly recently. They've started hopping anything resembling a trend twice as hard as H&M and making the clothes twice as fragile to boot. Now they've come up with little tidbits of fashion advice.


Yes, wear your pyjama bottoms with a pair of boots and top the mess off with a matching shirt and blazer. I've heard that Topman is catering to chavs, is this seriously how they dress? Can someone from the UK reassure me that your darling little boys and girls don't dress like this in any significant numbers?

26th September 09, 10:28 PM
I can't wait 'till there's a "dress like a scientist in a lab" fad. Seriously, joggers dress the way they do because they are going to JOG. You don't jog in fucking boots.

26th September 09, 11:08 PM
What's really funny is how horribly dated it all is. Blazers with contrast trim like that were a scene commodity about four years ago and everyone who hopped on the tucking into boots thing officially declared it dead earlier this year when brands like Kenneth goddamn Cole picked up on it, not that they weren't always stupid looking. Does Britain usually lag behind in trends?

27th September 09, 09:21 AM
I hate people who wear clothes.

27th September 09, 11:01 AM
Tucking sweatpants into boots. That is absolutely retarded.

27th September 09, 11:06 AM
Does Britain usually lag behind in trends?

It's a mixed picture. Sometimes we do things first, sometimes a few years after you.
Sometimes stuff which happens first in the US but doesn't have as big an impact there gets picked up in the UK and we run with it. Some of your trends get mostly ignored.

27th September 09, 04:10 PM
i always thought "british fashion" was an oxymoron?

27th September 09, 04:18 PM
London is pretty hip, fashion wise.

The rest of England, not so much.