View Full Version : World's longest basketball shot

23rd September 09, 03:28 PM
Dude makes a basket from the top tier of a football stadium:


Possibly fake but more likely the result of hours of throws and retakes. They've gone to the trouble of producing videos with two different views and also a split screen version.

25th September 09, 05:45 AM
I liked how the ball seemed to curve mid-air.

25th September 09, 09:07 AM
Yeah that looked a bit weird.

25th September 09, 03:41 PM
Aww, intarwebz is down at home and library won't let me look at youtube. Is a sad panda.

14th October 09, 03:08 PM
Both views

Socratic is right...if you watch the ground camera, you can clearly see a change in direction of the ball.


14th October 09, 03:12 PM
Doesn't surprise me that over that distance there might be a "curve." Just like the laces on a baseball, the grooved lines on a basketball would probably have the same effect.

Lucky shot.

14th October 09, 03:47 PM
Wait a sec....wait a sec.....calculating Stoke's Law in my mind.....


15th October 09, 06:56 AM
My guess at the time was either 'fake' or 'air resistance'. Balls curve mid-air all the time; it's a real trick effective trick, as you baseball-lovin' no-good Yanks would all know :P

Sun Wukong
15th October 09, 09:16 AM
I think people have to bear in mind that the ball is accelerating downward the entire time it is in flight since it has no lift. It's forward momentum is fading while it's downward momentum is increasing, so naturally it looks odd given the extreme distance the ball began from the ground.

15th October 09, 12:19 PM
That looks like afternoon, maybe early evening yes? Who thinks they spent all day trying to get this to work?

15th October 09, 04:39 PM
Perhaps several days?