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15th September 09, 05:01 PM
Keith Floyd was a British TV chef.

He developed a love of fine dining as a young journalist abusing his expense account, but he took an interlude as an officer in the British Army's Royal Tank Regiment after seeing the movie 'Zulu'.

According to folklore I cannot currently find a source for, he first achieved some recognition as a cook after complaining about army food, and insisting he could do better with simple fresh ingredients picked up in the wild and from local markets, and held cook-outs for his men and fellow officers.

He left the army after 3 years because 'the army and he were mutually incompatible', and took a series of entry-level jobs in restaurants and hotels, learning everything he could about fine food and drink on the job.

This man was my favourite TV chef ever by a massive margin.

I'm not 1% of the cook that Keith was, but an awful lot of my enthusiasm for good cooking came from watching him whilst trying to teach myself. If you google for his recipes, whether written, or on youtube, I think you'll really be pleasantly surprised if you try them yourself. He was almost always drunk even at the height of his TV career on camera, but pulled it off with a kind of chaotic charm.

An awful lot of the time when I try and cook something new, I'll vaguely remember something I once saw him cook, and then try to improvise around whatever ingredients I'm missing, or can't remember if I can't find his specific version on google.

Here's just one recent example of Keith cooking a beautiful classical french dish his way (i.e. with no obvious precision to the measurements because he's a little bit drunk, but plenty of flair and erring on the side of generosity with the expensive ingredient. And yes, I've made this dish his way and it's beautiful).


The advice at the beginning of this video is one of the most important, yet apparently obvious things I've ever been told about cooking. Most people don't do it.


He passed away of a heart attack after a fine meal and quite a lot to drink after being happily reconciled with an estranged daughter, whilst amongst people who loved him.

Please, those of you with some spare time in the next few days search google or youtube for one of his recipes and try it.

15th September 09, 05:08 PM
My step-grandad did some commercial where he was shilling leverpostej (it's like pate but more gross)

He said he couldn't work until he had at least 2 scotches to counteract the shakes.

He had great many recipies.

Long live Keith Floyd.

15th September 09, 05:22 PM
He was indeed a very advanced alcoholic. Apparently his liver was fine though. He'd been winning a battle against bowel cancer when he had the heart attack.

15th September 09, 05:57 PM
I remember seeing him doing a special on Scandinaivian food and all he kept on raving about was the Aqua Vitae

15th September 09, 06:15 PM
I guess he didn't like Scandanavian food as much as he liked Iberian and French food. I think that was a polite alcoholic's way of saying it.

15th September 09, 06:22 PM
It was mostly french inspired with Scandinavian ingredients..

and he really liked Aqua Vitae

15th September 09, 06:56 PM

(I hope you're not trolling his obituary thread)

15th September 09, 06:57 PM
No no...he was a fine tv chef.