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3rd September 09, 10:28 PM

I had a sandwich made for me today containing pickled vegetables. It reinvigorated my long dormant love of this condiment.

Here, pickle lovers can come together and discuss the important things in life.

There will be prizes awarded for:

1. Best use of a pickle

2. Most strange/innovative combination of pickles with food

3. Best home recipe for pickles



4th September 09, 01:42 AM
I love the pickled garlic cloves that come with certain jars of olives. I hate my work for using the same container for the beet slices and the pickled eggs; why must they deny me the red, beety goodness??

4th September 09, 02:05 AM
Ewww, beetroot and eggs. I suggest you write a letter to HR.

4th September 09, 05:59 AM
pickled artichoke hearts

4th September 09, 06:04 AM
Needs a poll:

Pickled cucumbers - Dill, garlic, sweet or sour?

4th September 09, 06:06 AM
*eyeballs Ian*

Yes, pickles...

4th September 09, 06:06 AM
Needs a poll:

Pickled cucumbers - Dill, garlic, sweet or sour?

DILL, poll closed.

Except maybe for hot pickles.

4th September 09, 06:08 AM
Sometimes dill, but sometimes it's gotta be sweet pickles! Bread & Butter chips I think they call 'em. One of my earliest memories and the only one of my paternal grandmother, besides her dog.

4th September 09, 06:08 AM

4th September 09, 06:12 AM
INDEED, poll is up!

4th September 09, 09:13 AM
Japanese eggplant and daikon radish are pretty good. They have a bonito flavored and a spicy flavored kind that I like to eat. They have all kinds of pickles here, even cabbage and carrots. Tsukemono is what they call them.

We make our own dill pickles here too. We add a little more red pepper than most so they're a bit spicy. I used to come home from the gym and have a few, probably craving salt or something.

cucumbers, water, white vinegar, salt, black and red pepper, generous amount of garlic, mustard seed, dill...ah something else. cant remember, but that's the gist of it.

4th September 09, 10:39 AM
Pickled eggs.

'nuff said.

4th September 09, 01:04 PM
Hot pickled cauliflower and pickle mix... the best.

Toby Christensen
5th September 09, 12:03 AM
Patak's hot mango on rye with lamb and cheese.

5th September 09, 09:33 AM
Different pickles for different jobs.

But Picallili deserves a mention:-


It's got to have cauliflower in it.

Doritosaurus Chex
7th September 09, 04:33 PM
I prefer to have them deep fried and served with a side of ranch dipping sauce.

8th September 09, 12:40 AM
When staying with Steve there was a period where I was eating a jar of pickles a day..

Dill spears are fucking delicious

9th September 09, 03:44 AM
Er, does your husband work late on Saturday night, Lily?

9th September 09, 04:55 AM
pickled garlic stuffed manzanilla olives.

kimchi (in before derauslander!)

9th September 09, 10:27 PM
I prefer to have them deep fried and served with a side of ranch dipping sauce.

Are you talking about cauliflower or pickles?

10th September 09, 08:29 AM
If he's Texan, he means everything.