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Aphid Jones
1st September 09, 04:27 AM
Lately I have been consuming large amounts of north african (Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco specifically) and levantine food. Share any recipes for middle-eastern food that you enjoy.

And if you give something hummus-related, make sure it's not plain hummus.

I've posted my particular Egyptian koshari recipe a few times already.

I'll give my Harissa recipe:

> 8 oz dried red chiles, the best you can find

> 1 tbs caraway seeds

> 1 tbs black peppercorn

> 2 tsp salt

> 2 tsp coriander seed

> 3 garlic cloves, peeled

> olive oil

> salt

> A large mortar and pestle/grinding stone is a must. A food processor or blender chops and cuts, but doesn't press or smash.

Place chile peppers in a large bowl, cover with warm water to 1/2 inch above peppers. Add 1/2 cup olive oil. After 2 hours, transfer bowl to refrigerator and soak overnight. Remove from refrigerator and carefully pour off liquid (do not strain). Coarsely chop the chile peppers (or use cooking scissors if you want to make it easy)

Toast peppercorns, coriander and caraway seeds over high heat in the pan of your choice for 4 minutes or until smoking/fragrant. Transfer immediately to mortar and finely grind. Add 1/4th cup olive oil and garlic, continue to grind until you have a fine paste. Mix in salt. Remove from mortar and pestle and set aside in a bowl.

In batches of 4 parts chiles to 1 part spice paste, grind the chiles into your spice paste mixture in the mortar, adding more olive oil until you end up with a good paste in each batch.

Will taste best after a few days have passed, as the olive oil needs to infuse with the flavors of the chiles and spices. You will recieve a product far better than the storebought kind.

This stuff lasts for a very long time refrigerated, supposedly longer if you cover it with a layer of olive oil after use.

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1st September 09, 10:20 PM
I had a whup-ass lamb musaka on my birthday. With a hookah. Apricot tobacco.

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2nd September 09, 03:12 AM
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2nd September 09, 03:14 AM
Anyone else here like baklava?

2nd September 09, 04:37 AM
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2nd September 09, 01:18 PM
I've had a couple of really outstanding and inexpensive meals in cous cous restaurants in France, and I keep trying to replicate the food at home.

I'm not satisfied with the Chicken Tagine yet.

I copied this Moroccan meatball recipe off a british TV cookery show that was good:


Aphid Jones
2nd September 09, 01:31 PM
Do you do your Tagine with half a bowl of cous cous and half a bowl of the sauce/meat? They Key with Tagine, I've found, is that you can't neglect seasoning and preparing the cous cous half as if it were a stand-alone dish.

2nd September 09, 01:34 PM
I treat the cous cous as a simple accompaniment and it seems ok. I'm not satisfied with the sauce though.

Aphid Jones
2nd September 09, 03:47 PM
I treat the cous cous as a simple accompaniment and it seems ok. I'm not satisfied with the sauce though.
Have you ever tried apricots?

2nd September 09, 03:52 PM
Yes. I got the amount or timing wrong somehow.

2nd September 09, 04:49 PM
halal food FTW! asalamalakum!