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Doritosaurus Chex
29th August 09, 03:13 PM
So far, I've put in about 3 hours worth of playing into this game. Here's what it's like to be the goddamn Batman:

If I could describe the game in one sentence, it's this: Plays like Metal Gear Solid with Batman tools and bosses.

At the start, Batman has brought Joker back to Arkham after foiling one of his schemes. With the help of Harley Quinn, the Joker breaks free and ends up running Arkham. It's up to you as Batman to round up the inmates and take down the Joker. As the story unfolds, you find that with the Joker, there is a lot more to his schemes than simply to run the asylum. Written by Paul Dini and voiced by the actors from Batman:TAS in their respective roles. The story plays out like a TAS episode, but with dead bodies scattered all over Arkham. I liked the character designs, but it's hard to associate the voices with these new models because I'm so used to associating them with the original cartoon.

The game is pretty much figure out your mission objective, enter x number of combat/predator (stealth) phases, reach your objective, repeat step 1. Along the way, there's easter eggs to find like Riddler Trophies, environment scans for the Riddler, villain interviews, and destroying the chattering teeth that the Joker has left around. Finding these things will help Batman get experience points and build him up so he can use new combat techniques and upgrade his gadgets.

Enemy encounters are done in 2 ways: Combat mode or Predator mode. The game doesn't tell you what to do, but after assessing your enemies by going into Detective mode, you'll have an idea of how to approach your targets. You'll find out if they're armed with weapons and what they're feeling. If your enemies are unarmed and/or scared, just rush in there and clean house. I find that combat is becomes a button mashing session with the occasional look out for counter attack or dodging moments. You do get to unlock other moves as you gain experience, but they have not been too useful for me. Bosses that require you to fight them do make combat more interesting.

If all of them are armed with guns, you should probably go with the predator/stealth approach. This is the most fun I have in this game. You have a wide assortment of skills to use to take the bad guys down. Every Batman stealth trick you've seen, you can do it. Lucky for you, there's always gargoyle statues that can support Batman's weight in these rooms. If you want to play it safe, all you have to do is hide on top of the gargoyles and strike down when it's safe.

I would highly recommend this game to any Batman fans. If you're a fan of the stealth action genre like MGS and Splinter Cell, I'd recommend it too. You can probably get a few replays out of the story and the unlockable challenge rooms.

Number rating: 8.5/10

29th August 09, 05:45 PM
I've been playing for a few hours. Here are my favourite bits so far:

The Scarecrow segments, while not the most exciting gameplay wise, are excellent in terms of game cinematography (gametography?).

Clayface's cameo is sheer brilliance.

31st August 09, 05:51 PM
... and I'm done with the story mode.

I have to say the final boss battle was disappointing. I enjoyed most of the other bosses though; most villains behave and fight exactly how you'd imagine they would. The one annoying exception is Bane, who for some reason is always portrayed as some roided goon and not the intelligent foe he should be.

The Riddler challenges seem as if they were put there just to show off how detailed the game world is. And it is impressively detailed. Every other corner holds another reference to the rogue's gallery. Two Face's cell was pretty cool to find for example.

I blasted through the story and the Riddler challenges, but I've yet to do the challenge maps. There's still some replay value. You can beat your own score or see how you are in the leaderboards.

Arkham Asylum is far and away the best comic book adaptation ever. It's even better than Superman 64.

31st August 09, 06:13 PM
Arkham Asylum is far and away the best comic book adaptation ever. It's even better than Superman 64.

that was a bad troll... right?


31st August 09, 07:02 PM
A joke. Any game is better than Superman 64.

Arkham Asylum is seriously good though. Like Metal Gear crossed with Bioshock.

Doritosaurus Chex
3rd September 09, 12:45 AM
Detective Mode makes the game too easy. However, the challenges are too damn fun. Especially the predator mode. I enjoy how creative you can be in clearing rooms.

The Joker challenge rooms are challenging themselves. You don't get all of Batman's tools, your funky glasses can only identify hostile targets, and you can't hide on top of gargoyles.

3rd September 09, 06:31 AM
this game is pretty cool.

slick, great story mode etc.

The only thing for me that seems to be missing is some of the things around combat:

- I think this game needs a 'human shield' mechanic for some of the tense potential shootout situations (or just in general a grab button for enemies).
- the role of the enemy being 'terrified' seems to do absolutely nothing in terms of gameplay, maybe they should get nervous, trip over, drop their weapons or fumble to reload, shoot at shadows etc.

The guns of the enemies in the game are pretty accurate in the game though, which is refreshing for a game (couple of shots and you're dead).

I've been creeping around like a ninjas church fart making the bad guys all TERRORFIED but it seems to do nothing.

Something that really pisses me off is you are constantly walking past unlockables that you have to come back to later in the game, thats kind of annoying.

I think unlimited ammunition makes the game a bit easy - I could deal with having to retrieve and carefully use the batarangs if they were more powerful, throwing a million of them seems silly. And enemies need to have some kind of ammo thing going on too.

And I don't like the joker adaptation very much.

The scenes with scarecrow are pretty awesome :)

Sweet game.

Marc Spector
4th September 09, 12:55 PM
Basically, if you're a batgeek, this game will give you a total nerdgasm. If you're not, you'll still have a blast.