View Full Version : Ridiculous Crap Game

27th August 09, 11:45 PM
This is a game where we start with an article of clothing that's just completely stupid and look for or throw together (you can just paste pictures of modeled shots together if you have to) an outfit that doesn't look half bad.

For our first exercise, the article is: funny colored jeans. I'm not talking about brown, or even white denim, because those don't look that bad. I'm talking about bright red or purple jeans. Fit isn't important, only color. Let's get started.


30th August 09, 01:39 PM
I've seen red jeans pulled off before, by an exceptionally stylish young lass on the Shanghai subway. As I recall, she wore them with a short red denim or leather jacket. Probably denim, since it was summer and Shanghai is balls-ass crazy hot.

30th August 09, 01:43 PM
What about green? I think I have some green jeans. I can't see myself pulling off white jeans, though. Seems to be exclusively for girls and girl imposters.

30th August 09, 03:03 PM
I keep seeing the title of this thread and thinking someone had a bad gambling experience. Anyway, contribution: