View Full Version : Project Runway Bitches

21st August 09, 10:52 AM
Random thoughts.

Overall I was massively underwhelmed by the dresses on the opener. There were a half a dozen dresses that should have gone home, and none that I actually liked. I guess I agree with the winner, but his color choice was still off.

I still don't understand the judges (thinking more about the all star episode). Daniels stuff was atrocious.

I want to fight Santino.

Chris March is awesome. He is one of my favorite characters from the show. But he is going to die soon.

The model show is shitty. If you can't make a show with 16 models living together interesting, you need to not make shows.

22nd August 09, 12:51 AM
The ridiculous time limits assure that most garments come down the runway unfinished and un-resolved.