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20th August 09, 01:09 PM
I need to go on a liquid diet for about 2 weeks. i have a broken tooth with an exposed nerve in the back of my mouth and it makes it excruciatingly painful to chew anything. also, after i have it pulled next week, i need to keep the gigantic hole clear of any food particulate while it heals.

i'm not quite sure where to start. so far the only thing i have that is mostly liquid is onion soup, and while delicious it's not very filling. also, not the best thing to have for breakfast. the other thing i have is Fundador (spanish brandy) and that's not very filling or good for breakfast either. it does help keep the affected area clean and numb though.

i made a bunch of curry last night and overcooked everything so it's super squishy. not terribly keen on having that for breakfast however.

i think i need some carnation instant breakfast or slim fast shakes or some shit though because i have to take something pretty much instantly when i get up so i can take painkillers.

any suggestions will be appreciated!

20th August 09, 01:23 PM
smoothies for breakfast. bananas, yoghurt, honey, mangos, berries.. you get the idea.

Put that curry in a blender for dinner.

20th August 09, 01:27 PM
damnit, my blender broke last year. i think i should sue black and decker for false advertising, ice crushing power my ass. you can't crush ice with cheap chinese plastic, you fucks!

i'll just use a potato masher. should i invest in some protien powder?

20th August 09, 01:40 PM
Carrot juice is really sweet and a good lunch snack. If you don't mind expensive, the Naked company is your friend, though they are also rather (natural) sugary.



20th August 09, 01:46 PM
damnit, my blender broke last year. i think i should sue black and decker for false advertising, ice crushing power my ass. you can't crush ice with cheap chinese plastic, you fucks!

i'll just use a potato masher. should i invest in some protien powder?

Get yourself a Blend-tec.


mmm, Cochicken.

20th August 09, 02:41 PM

20th August 09, 04:22 PM
You must spread some facials around before giving it to Poop Loops again.

20th August 09, 04:25 PM
i just had cream of mushroom soup with a bunch of crackers thrown in there. i bit down on a mushroom and cringed in blinding pain. crackers were nice and soggy though, yay.

i've had those naked smoothies before. they're pretty good, but expensive. i'd rather buy my own fruit and process it myself. need a quisinart.

Robot Jesus
20th August 09, 10:45 PM
alcohol may be a necessary coping mechanism latter in your ordeal

if you get tempted by real food, just drink yourself asleep.

20th August 09, 10:59 PM
Neildo, sounds really terrible, you poor boy. I have no suggestions, I would send you a blender in the mail if you want though?

Kid Miracleman
20th August 09, 11:29 PM
Bum some Ensure off your grandparents.

21st August 09, 02:21 AM
my grandparents are all dead. probably starved to death because they couldn't afford any ensure. that stuff is fucking expensive, i already looked into it. carnation instant breakfast is pretty expensive too.

i think i'm going to lose some weight doing this. my metabolism is going crazy, i'm getting hungry every 45 minutes or so, it's starting to piss me off. how do you skinny people with high metabolic rates cope? do you have to work an extra job in order to afford all the extra food you have to eat or what?

my friend is finally going to pay me back some of the money he owes me tomorrow, which i'm pretty much going to spend all of on food. and some more fundador, that stuff is awesome.

21st August 09, 03:45 AM
For soup you just need to blend up some crusty bread to drink with it.

22nd August 09, 02:34 AM
Step 1. Sneak in an open window.
Step 2. Reach into the Bat-belt for some chloriform and a rag.
Step 3. Using a handy syringe, drain off just enough blood so that you won't face a murder charge.

Don't forget to leave a "Thank You" card for your host.

22nd August 09, 03:09 AM
people have no nutritional value.

22nd August 09, 03:30 AM
Not if you are drinking the blood of ravers.

Sun Wukong
22nd August 09, 04:11 AM
Condolences dude. That shit is the worst.

22nd August 09, 11:08 AM
Consider a multivitamin and menstrual crotch-feeding if you are too timid to use a needle.

22nd August 09, 01:59 PM
Consider a multivitamin and menstrual crotch-feeding if you are too timid to use a needle.


29th August 09, 04:08 AM
beer is the answer. it makes me feel full, helps me ignore the pain, and the little bit of alcohol helps keep the area clean! brilliant

i have Holstein, imported from germany. 7% :p

i also had some really good store bought pirogies. boiled until really soft, tossed in butter, bit of sea salt. fucking awesome.

29th August 09, 08:10 AM
Pierogis. Is there anything they can't make better?

29th August 09, 08:14 AM
I like to torture them in a hot skillet with a few herbs and spices till the outside is golden brown.

29th August 09, 08:17 AM
Don't forget the onions or the sour cream. I like to add dill to the butter.

29th August 09, 08:20 AM
Oh yeah, the grilled onions are mandatory.

29th August 09, 08:26 AM
Neildo, you should try some dark beer. Porter. It's got a bit of iron in it and you probably don't get much of that since you started this liquid diet thing.

29th August 09, 08:30 AM
FUN FACT: Grilling your pierogis in an iron skillet will supply you with your daily iron requirement.

29th August 09, 08:31 AM
Drink the porter anyway, stickboy.

30th August 09, 02:32 AM
i usually do the pirogies up with a bit of garlic and then serve with fresh green onion and sour cream but i can't really chew right now so i haven't bothered doing that.

tonight it's overboiled kraft dinner, white cheddar. yum.

30th August 09, 09:53 AM
Pierogis: Will it blend?

30th August 09, 11:01 AM
make yourself a chicken curry with lots of coconut milk and blend it

30th August 09, 11:51 AM
Liquid chicken.

Kid Miracleman
30th August 09, 01:35 PM

31st August 09, 12:24 AM

11th September 09, 09:59 AM
Blended pizza isn't half bad.

Apple Sauce.

Oatmeal for breakfast.


All I can think of that hasn't been mentioned already.

11th September 09, 11:18 AM
bananas and yogurt was my daily breakfast for a couple of weeks there.

lots of hot chocolate at work. developed a taste for tomato soup.

beer, beer, oh and some more beer.

oatmeal would have gotten stuck in the exposed socket. rather unpleasant i must say.

11th September 09, 11:45 AM
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