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Big Dozer
16th August 09, 02:42 PM

My apartments have banned personal BBQs. There are public ones, but I hate having to clean up other people's crap and they are really far from my apartment. I also dislike cooking burgers on the stove. I got the Champ grill and its AWESOME! I live in a college apartment so its tiny and this thing is great. It saves a lot of time and is SO easy. It also came with George's cook book. I love this damn thing.

16th August 09, 04:00 PM
Sounds like a review to me...

Big Dozer
16th August 09, 04:03 PM
True but the food it cooks is in the food section. Its quite perplexing and I am easily confused.

16th August 09, 04:23 PM
welcome to the 1990's :)

16th August 09, 04:23 PM
I don't use mine so much anymore. They are kindof a pain to clean, and I now have a nice back yard to grill in. But if I was in an apartment I would be rocking one hard.

16th August 09, 06:03 PM
I deeply love my own George Foreman Grill. It makes cooking quick and fast.
And they're pretty easy to clean if you don't wait for the grease to cool, and get it off while it's still hot.

Spade: The Real Snake
16th August 09, 06:50 PM
Lemme guess.
Tornado mixer next?

Big Dozer
16th August 09, 06:56 PM
never heard of that, but the Magic Bullet is pretty cool

Robot Jesus
16th August 09, 07:20 PM
I used one and i didn't like it. It's hard to get it hot enough to sear meat.

I am thinking about picking up his deep fryer, but I worry that the spin cycle is just something that will break.

as far as cooking burgers on a pan; try useing cast iron, very thin burgers, and really high heat.

17th August 09, 02:53 AM
I just put burgers under the oven's grill raised up on a grill rack so the fat drips off.

Robot Jesus
17th August 09, 12:55 PM
try it on a cast iron pan, you will never go back. mallard reaction FTW

19th August 09, 10:26 AM


I knew someone who did the toilet thing. Projects in St. Louis didn't always have running water, so why the hell not?

George Foreman makes clothes, too.