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3rd August 09, 07:57 PM
I will sticky this thread and monitor it for off-topic posts as I think it is a good idea and don't want it crapped up. Every now and then I might merge posts to make everything more legible.

--Poop Loops

This thread is to warn others about clothes you've purchased that did not fit true to the tagged size. This applies to clothes and shoes.

Converse Chuck Taylors - This is common knowledge, but they run approximately one full shoe size big. So if you wear a nine, buy an 8. I don't have experience with this, but a friend reports that the Chuck Taylors by John Varvatos fit true to size. Might want to try those on in person if they're your speed.

Creative Recreation - Fits true to the length but a little slim. Slim to average feet and buy true to size but wide feet may want a half size up.

Vans Ferris - Fits half a size small compared to other Vans, i.e. a 9.5 = 9

Plan B "Classic" skate shoes - Plan B claims they have Chuck Taylor sizing but in my experience they only run half a size large.

APC denim - vanity sized. Here's my advice on sizing:
New Standard Size down:
1 - for baggy fit
2 - slim-ish fit
3 - skinny straight/slim depending on your build

New Cure
1 - for a comfortable skinny fit
2 - for a tight skinny fit

Petit Standard
1 - slim
2 - skinny straight
I don't recommend sizing down 3, the low rise will give you plumber's crack or expose your pubes.

Levi's 501 STF
This is tricky, they fit true when raw but shrink about 10%, however the waist will stretch right back out. Size up:
0 - for a comfy slim fit, and wear them while they dry to keep the waist from shrinking too much.
1 - for a regular fit
2 - baggy

Japanese STF denim
Unlike Levi's MOST Japanese shrink to fit jeans run large and shrink to the tagged size. Do your research first but 99% of the time you can safely buy your true size.

4th August 09, 03:03 AM
I wear a size 13 Nike (any style) but a size 12 anything else.

9th August 09, 09:37 AM
These lyrical sandals run large...at least 2 sizes


14th August 09, 02:37 PM
Any clothes from Sam's Club will run at least one size larger than marked. A medium is actualy a large, large is extra large, et cetera.

I found it funny that I could wear their smalls for years and people mistook them for a large size :P

14th August 09, 02:44 PM
Both the generic man and Common Projects seem to run true to width but a little long, for some reason. My size 41.5 (9) tgms are just a hair longer than most of my other shoes while my 41 (8.5) CPs are the same length but just a tad narrower than all my size 9s.

I should add though that it's not a huge difference, the tgms I just need to pull the laces tighter to prevent heel slippage and the CPs just call for thinner socks, at least now while the leather is still stretching. They're still both pretty comfortable shoes.

Ming Loyalist
16th August 09, 03:02 PM
what about PF flyers? size down like converse or true to size like vans?

16th August 09, 03:24 PM

16th August 09, 04:58 PM
The hell is TTS?

16th August 09, 05:51 PM
tumbling tots at sizzlers

16th August 09, 05:55 PM
There is no universally accepted 'size' in any clothes or shoes. Basically the size is only internally consistent within brands - if that.

20th September 09, 08:59 AM
i robocopped a pair of Club Monaco (fuck that name) dress pants fo cheap, they measure about an extra 1" in the waist.

20th September 09, 01:22 PM
i robocopped a pair of Club Monaco (fuck that name) dress pants fo cheap, they measure about an extra 1" in the waist.
The chinese tailors downtown do things very cheap.. I had my pants fitted for $10 in 6minuttes

20th September 09, 06:42 PM
It's okay, they're a little lower on the rise so they fit around my hips instead.

22nd September 09, 01:06 PM
Shirts by Oleg Cassini are "European cut."

If you are a medium in AMerican shirts...get the Large

I have a 17" neck and 34 sleeve. The "large" Cassini is not even buttonable on me. Go up at least one size. Nice shirts, though.

29th September 09, 04:43 PM
I think a 17" is supposed to be XL anyway.

I have a Levi's Type III from the 70s that's labelled XS but oversized. Some of the measurements still match an XS while others are more like a S or M. Here's the measurements laying flat:

Shoulder seam to seam: 19"
Pit to Pit: 21"
Length from bottom of collar: 23.5"

18th June 10, 03:14 PM
J. Crew shirts fit like a slim size up.

19th June 10, 02:22 AM
anything made in vietnam

19th June 10, 07:07 AM
Express jeans (what? I had a gift card) are about 2 sizes larger on the waist than what I'm used to. (e.g. 32 waist = 34)

22nd June 10, 07:45 AM
they also suck

Robot Jesus
27th August 10, 03:21 AM
I don't know who's in the wrong here

36w 501's fit fine
36w Kirkland brand shorts are way WAY too tight
36w calvin klein shorts just about fall off, they seem to be about a 38 if not larger.

is it too much for a waist measurement to relate to the number of inches on the label?