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1st August 09, 04:23 AM

Fit: I want to rate this pretty highly because it's exactly what I was looking for in a pair of jeans. Fits very slim in the legs with a straight silhouette and a rise that's low enough to be sexah without exposing your pubes or bum. It's very reminiscent of the slim jeans that were popular in the 60s - think pre-Hippy Beatles or Bob Dylan and you're not far from these jeans. What it is not is a modern style slim fit with skinny legs and a slouchy top block. But I don't think PBJ was even trying to do that.



This is where PBJ really sets itself apart from the pack of Japanese jawns. The denim has a slubby texture that isn't quite like any other brand with the possible exception of Oni, and the result is a pair of jeans that breaks in to look very vintage and even damaged yet is still as sturdy as the day you bought them. For indigo the color is very fast, you can wash these a lot and still have very dark jeans. Paradoxically the color fades fairly quickly from wear.

The stitching and hardware isn't as unique as the denim, but still very nice. PBJ is one of the few brands that can rock two-tone topstiching without looking cheesy, because the color is so good that it doesn't look cheapass. The hardware is just pretty basic un-logoed rivets and big ol' sturdy buttons for the fly, nothing you wouldn't expect.

Construction: Ace, but....
The threads are a bit heftier than cheaper jeans and I haven't had any problems with seams stretching nor have I found unfinished ends. And while my pair and many of the pairs I've seen are holding up great even with serious wear, I've seen a lot of busted crotches. I'm tempted to chalk this up to people who size down a lot or don't wash their jeans often enough (oh gross), because that's definitely the trend I'm seeing. Incidentally I haven't seen a single busted knee.

For what it's worth my only complaint is that the inseams are serged instead of flat-felled.

Branding: Almost none. The only exterior logos are on the leather patch, a little leaf sewn into the backpocket, and the buttons. Even the rivets don't have logos, as is common.


I'm still not a big fan of the leaf, but it's at least subtle and usually just falls off with wear. It's not like anyone will ever recognize the logo anyway.

+ Cool 60sish fit
+ Nice Denim
+ Minimal branding
- $225 price point means I just wasted my time reviewing these pants. Though that's actually fairly affordable compared to some of the outright bullshit that passes for fashun jawns (TR, 7faM, Armani).

Ming Loyalist
14th August 09, 03:41 PM
i bought the 008 model, same cut, with slightly different denim.

love them. great jeans.

14th August 09, 07:47 PM
still haven't had much time to go shopping, other than the mall. mall's not very good place to find the style tm. sorry.

14th August 09, 11:54 PM
Pure Blue Japan, in America, is exclusive to a store in Soho called Blue in Green.
I do agree about the mall though, I was thinking about making a thread about mall versus street shopping.

Ming Loyalist
13th September 09, 07:09 PM
how are these coming along, MJS?

any fading? leg twist?

mine are doing pretty well, starting to show some wear now, i think it's fast fading denim cause it's supposed to achieve a vintage fade.

i thought they were going to get back burnered about now with the samurai black knights coming in but then those are delayed until end of oct, so they'll get some more time in.

13th September 09, 07:54 PM
i took teasers for sufu but the colors came out all wrong. i'll try again tomorrow.

they're coming along alright but I haven't had a board in two months so it's been slow going lately