View Full Version : Subforum Descripiton sucks

30th July 09, 07:02 PM
The description of the "Funkyzeit" forum ("Sie kleiden wie Scheiße an.") is wrong.
Either it should be "Sie ziehen sich wie Scheiße an" or "Sie kleiden sich wie Scheiße" (but hardly anybody would say that these days). Both of those are not the thing you are trying to say ("you dress like shit").
Go with something along the lines of "Sie tragen nichts als Lumpen" or else...

Just saying.

30th July 09, 08:06 PM
See, the beauty of posting something online is that when in doubt, someone will eventually come around and correct you, saving valuable time which could be spent going around correcting other people.

30th July 09, 10:07 PM
You are welcome :D