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27th July 09, 04:18 AM
There comes a time in every young man's life when he has to stop kicks all day everyday i don't give a fuck nigger and start phasing some big boy shoes into his wardrobe.

These are called Naval,from the generic man.
Hot damn look at that thin, thin sole. This is a pretty slick shoe. They come in leather uppers and canvas uppers, and even though the canvas won't last as long it seems like a neat way to dress down a pair of Oxfords.

Also by TGM, Savant.
I like these less, they're still simple enough but the stitching reminds me too much of bowling/70s leisure suit shoes.

and lastly from TGM, tuxman.
Nice overall but the toecap is killing it for me.

Here's Banana Republic's most valiant effort.
Most of their oxfords go just a bit thick on the sole but this one is nice and slim. Good work Banana Republic, maybe some day you'll get your entire collection right.

I can't figure out the source for this pair, but I'm digging the hypermodernist design. Everything looks like a single piece of leather.

Here's a pair of Oxfords from Russel Moccassin Co.
I appreciate that they do relatively affordable custom-lathe, made in America shoes at 2 - $300 but the styling is far too Old World for my tastes.

Dior Homo
I get less of an 80s vibe than I do frommost of KVA's designs but at 400 British Dollars a pair I'm not feeling any of these designs.

27th July 09, 04:29 AM
MJS, I like your threads, but your photos needn't be so big. Seriously.

I like the Oxfords, though slip-ons seem like the shoes of a man who's given up. No sure, though.

The Dior is bold, but way too shiny for me.

27th July 09, 04:31 AM
I totally omitted my favourites: the Navals, in brown. Perfect for me (if I were to roll in dress shoes).

27th July 09, 05:08 AM
Pizza delivery is really paying well for you mate.

27th July 09, 05:13 AM

1. Like everyone else, he lives on credit.

2. He's actually a much older woman, with a white collar career.

3. Drugs in the pizza.

27th July 09, 05:20 AM
c.f. Peasant Fashion thread.
I'm currently holding back from getting this dope bomber jacket for cheap cause I got to pay rent and get my brakes done.
Also got to start saving towards a new geetar setup soon.
This shit isn't hard to afford though. Just gotta do your research and figure out which brands are worth the money. There's a few labels I dig stylistically but don't touch cause everyone reports that the clothes don't last long enough to justify the price.

27th July 09, 05:22 AM
1. Like everyone else, he lives on credit.

I only use credit when I'm broke and the sale is so good there's a pillar of light illuminating my dream clothes with a chorus of angels singing BUY THIS SHIT.
I make at least the minimum payment if not double or triple when I do get the money.

27th July 09, 05:27 AM
Damn angels.

I had that with three fountain pens last month.

27th July 09, 05:32 AM
I pulled it on an APC cardigan, and not the least bit too soon. I got the last of the stock!

I mean, yeah, it's going into my closet for the next three months but I got it goddamnit. It's already paid off anyway.

27th July 09, 10:14 AM
i like the pair that you cant find a source for.