View Full Version : Upset that my thread is in the Funkyzeit forum.

26th July 09, 08:54 PM
Mods, would you please kindly move my 'How to buy jewellery for women' from Funkyzeit to CTC?

I feel that my thread is for men on how to be a better man. It does not belong in the 'How do cheap ghey forum'.

Spade: The Real Snake
26th July 09, 11:24 PM
And please move my thread (http://www.sociocide.com/forums/showthread.php?t=53450) to Funkyzeit.

26th July 09, 11:28 PM

Snake, if its the last thing I do, I'm going to tear your hair out!!!!

27th July 09, 01:47 AM
It probably would.

27th July 09, 10:21 AM
request to deny lilly's request

Spade: The Real Snake
27th July 09, 11:45 AM
deny request to lily's request.

27th July 09, 11:50 AM
Deny denial of request to deny denial of lily's request

Spade: The Real Snake
27th July 09, 11:58 AM
request deny request to deny lily's request

27th July 09, 04:04 PM
Request that this be Cullions birthday mod duty.

Or is that doodie?

27th July 09, 04:50 PM
where is my power?

27th July 09, 05:12 PM
See that little 'x' on the top right hand corner of your screen? Click that to activate your mod powers.

27th July 09, 05:14 PM
damnit. I only wanted one day. Just one day!

27th July 09, 05:35 PM
Steve didn't want to be seen giving out 'favours'. You know him and his Solomon complex.

Spade: The Real Snake
27th July 09, 05:47 PM
STEEV only gives mods to swallowers.
Spitters are quitters, Cullion.

27th July 09, 10:18 PM
Well that sucks.