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24th July 09, 02:00 AM
La Bella wax and waterbase pomades
Shiiiiit. I tried these out thinking hey, pomade is not fancy, why spend a lot, but oh no. I wasted a couple bucks on pomade with zero hold and a very poor finish that would wash out with sweat. Avoid.

Murray's (dapper dan!!)
Very good for the price. The hold and finish are nearly but not quite as good as more expensive products, but this thing costs like three or four dollars a tin. My only complaints are that it's much harder to work with than nicer pomades and it can be very difficult to get out of your hair.

Bedhead "Manipulator" pomade
Expensive ($15 a tin!)!(!!!!!) But the finish and hold are superlative, it feels great to the touch, and it's ridiculously easy to work with, definitely the easiest product to use that I've found.

American Crew not sure if I had the pomade or the fiber
Similar but not quite as good performance as the Bedhead, same price. Skip it if you have Bedhead available.

Gatsby Wax
This is some next level like, Japanese or something shit right here. I just picked it up and haven't had much of a chance to use it, but it's really similar to the American Crew and cost me about half as much. Full review to come.

24th July 09, 02:44 AM
Fuck you man. I do everything around here.
You're welcome.
A little dab will do ya.
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24th July 09, 06:37 AM
I used to buy water based pomades and still have a few tins.

My hair naturally forms a bit of a fauxhawk though so I've just been getting it cut really short lately, letting it grow out into fauxhawk, then cut short again, repeat.

With no more need to style than running a comb full of water back through my hair (it grows forward-like) in the morning anymore I finally feel free.

billy sol hurok
24th July 09, 08:53 AM

24th July 09, 09:22 AM
Chinese palmade? Anyone know if they got good... palm.... ade... plants in China?