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Robot Jesus
22nd July 09, 04:36 PM
unfortunately my local delicacy has been done to death here, so I'll just post how i prepare it

Calgary Alberta Canada: Steak (rib, bone in cap removed)

make certain steak is at room temperature
heat grill till really hot, like ludicrously so.

salt and butter meat.

open grill and place meat on it.

leave the top open, and flip the mean once seared.

serve once other side is seared.

potato: pierce with fork, over in olive oil salt and pepper. bake for 1:30 at 375F , add more olive oil at 1:00
make line of hole along one side with fork and then squeeze potato until it bursts.

Broccoli: line bottom of pot with stems, add water until just covered and then top with florets. boil the stems steam the florets. retain water, boil down, add butter, use as sauce.

22nd July 09, 05:31 PM

Avoid drowning, shark attack, and game warden while procuring from rocks under 20 feet of water.

Remove from shell, slice thin - some people pound them to further tenderize.

Bread and fry them (or dry them and sell them to elderly impotent chinese men for BIG BUCK$) - delicious! Like sweet scallops the size of chicken tenders. Pair with a cold, domestic microbrew, perhaps an IPA

22nd July 09, 05:52 PM
My grandfather built a shrine to mary in his backyard (this was some wierd thing that all the catholics of that generation did) but he covered his completely with abalone shells. At the time, he could skin dive 30 feet from shore and grab as many as he could carry.

He practically couldn't give the meat away.

Best I've ever head was when friends would get it legally diving. fresh out of the water soy sauce, wave it briefly in the general direction of a fire, and devour.

22nd July 09, 05:55 PM
Awesome. These days they will hang you by your balls if you go after abalone out of season or over limit.

22nd July 09, 06:29 PM
Wychwood venison, or Wychwood Brewery beer.

Robot Jesus
22nd July 09, 06:33 PM
and how would you prepare said venison?

22nd July 09, 06:36 PM
Either as steaks with just simple gravy or a blackcurrant sauce or in a stew with peppercorns, red wine, redcurrant jelly, parsley and a little orange. Probably serve it with bread.

Robot Jesus
22nd July 09, 06:42 PM
recipes man, we need recipes if this thread is to be of any value.

22nd July 09, 08:18 PM
Maryland Blue Crabs

1 - Fill crab steamer with 1 part water : 1 part apple cider vinegar and bring to a boil.

2 - Place steamer basket in pot and place LIVE crabs in layers until full. Spread seasoning (see below for recipe) on each layer liberally.

3 - Cook until crabs turn bright orange.

4 - Serve with local sweet corn and lots of beer on a newspaper covered picnic table with lots of friends.


1 part Old Bay
1 part J.O. Brand seafood seasoning
2 parts course kosher salt

Learning to properly pick crabs will require a separate tutorial...

22nd July 09, 10:09 PM
Avacado margarita. Take a standard frozen margarita concoction, made with 100% Agave tequila and real lime juice preferably, and add a dollop of mashed avacado. Puree in a high speed blender.

You can't taste the avacado, but it gives the margarita a creamy smoothness that's pretty damn awesome.